Practical Tasks Group - the PTG

The Friends have a well established practical tasks group.

The group meets each Wednesday throughout the year when jobs tackled include maintenance of paths, repairing dry stone walls, stream cleaning and cutting back of undergrowth. Each week we empty bins and litter pick to ensure the woods look their best.

New members are always welcome - if you are interested, please contact us at tasks@judywoods.org.uk

January 2024

In January our volunteers worked 237 hours and collected 69 bags of rubbish plus a camp was cleared (twice), a road sign, a shopping trolley full of wood flooring and pieces of racking, some lengths of cable sheathing and a cushion.

At Woodside a camp was cleared which resulted in 16 bags of the above total plus lots of other items. Arrangements were made with the council street team to remove the waste. Unfortunately a reduced camp re-appeared this was also removed.

In Old Hanna Wood, Low Wood and Royds Hall Great Wood large boughs and hanging branches were brought down.

Survey work continued on the Mineral Line where it meets the Main Path.

The shopping trolley was gamely removed from Old Hanna and manoeuvred back to Station Road by two of our lady volunteers.

Repairs were started on the path edging on the Main Path. This involved clearing the immediate beck area of leaves, twigs and small stumps. Removing debris and hardcore from the culvert and replacing some of the edging. The following week a grate was fitted and hardcore put down.

A drainage channel was dug to direct path runoff water into the beck upstream of the culvert and a path blockage was cleared at the top of Old Hanna.


The camp site...




Above: Clearing fallen boughs

Right: Sandra and the trolley

Trolley girl
December 2023

In December our volunteers worked 113 hours and collected 22 bags of rubbish. Slightly down due to our Christmas Lunch at the Guide Post on 13th December - thanks to Brian for organising that!

Throughout the month on several occasions the Station Road drain was unblocked as well as the cone culvert of High Fernley Road.
With the wet weather Denis and his assistants have moved their attention to where the Mineral Line meets the Main Path. Their first find is some kind of pin possibly a split pin.
In High Fernley Beck excessive leaf, twig and branch debris was removed to ease the flow of water.



You think this is wet?




High Fernley Road and the beck on Boxing Day!

November 2023

In November our volunteers worked 213 hours and collected 22 bags of rubbish and rubbish from two abandoned camps.

Our Woodside Workers have been very busy this month. First they blitzed the dam area collecting ten of the bags one of which went for recycling.
In Judy's Garden a portion of leaning wall by the pear tree was rebuilt. Again throughout the month the archaeological work continued. Detailed measurements were taken in the excavation of the cottage hearth. More metal work was found.
Numerous areas of wall damage were repaired in Royds Hall Lane and later in the month a single large area was rebuilt.
The damaged gate to Judy's Garden was braced and rehung.
After strong winds there were a number of fallen branches. Two blockages were cleared in High Fernley Road and on the Red Marker Route 3 blockages and a hanging branch nearby were dealt with.
The cone drain was cleared of leaf debris.
A leaf blower was used to clear leaves from the Station Road kissing gate, the High Fernley Road steps, the path to the 99 Steps, the two plank bridges, the 99 Steps and most of the Main Path from the first bend back to the kissing gate. The path was not quite finished as the fuel ran out!
Starting at the far kissing gate and working down to the bottom of the 99 Steps or the bottom of Judy's Field numerous fallen branches of various sizes were removed from the fencing.



Left: before the blower went to work. Above: Another leak.

October 2023

In October our volunteers worked 171 hours and collected 32 bags of rubbish plus a garden chair, a burnt out motorbike and three shopping trollies

Judy's Garden was scythed and raked to clear it for the winter. Throughout the month Denis and his assistants in Judy's Garden and Field increased the size of the excavation revealing more brickwork and soil layers. Items found so far include roof tiles, bricks and flat stones with mortar attached and pieces of metal, possibly part of a grate, and a hook.

A bit out of area, new planks were fitted to the stile in the farmer's field down from Horse Close Cottages.

Three areas of damaged walling were repaired near the top of Royds Hall Lane.

The large bough blocking the steps at Woodside was cut up and moved aside. On the Main Path one length of edging was re-fixed and another replaced.

tasks1 tasks 2
September 2023

In September our volunteers worked 156 hours and collected 38 bags of rubbish plus a large trug and a mangled pushbike.

Litter picking was done on the accessible parts of the Station Road banking. A very wet 20th reduced work to just a litter pick.

In Judy's Garden some back filling was carried out on redundant test pits in Judy's Field and watering of the pear tree and herbs. While extending the main test pit possible slate roof tiles have been found.

Throughout the month balsam bashing continued on the large patch started previously upstream from Judy Bridge, Judy's Field, the culvert feeding the well, the farmer's field, new growth in the horse field, a few plants on the opposite bank of the beck, underneath the pylons and at Woodside new balsam growth was found over the plank bridge.

Three went Riverfly spotting and results were good. Low branches were pruned on the Perimeter Path in Low Wood. A pile of discarded paperwork was recovered from the low ground to the left of the Main Path.

Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar Elephant Hawk Moth
Found whilst balsam bashing; an Elephant Hawk moth caterpillar and what it grows into.

August 2023

In August our volunteers worked 230 hours and collected 42 bags of rubbish.

Balsam was bashed in the low ground to the left of the Main Path, the Horse Field, Sowden Lane, the Scout Field, a number of areas upstream from Judy Bridge, Judy's Field and the path at the top.

Throughout the month surveying and excavation work was carried out in Judy's Field. Brick work has now been found and could be from the cottage. (see photo)

A hanging bough was cut down just off from the Main Path and a new post was installed to support the leaning rowan sapling in Judy's Field.

Riverfly numbers were just in parameters, but as the stream has been so low and temperatures high and it seems to be reflected all over the Calder area.

On the 16th we had a visitor, Julie Ramsden, from the Friends of Prince of Wales Park in Bingley. We showed her around and explained how we worked and what we got up to. She seemed impressed.



The assembled team with Julie at the left. Wong Wong the dog is attempting to steal the show.


We found this curiously split stone on the far bank of the stream when balsam pulling. It seems to confirm there was some sort of quarrying done there.

new post

Surveying and excavation work

July 2023

In July our volunteers worked 240 hours and collected 37 bags of rubbish plus a large shopping trolley, a cushion, 2 pieces of a kitchen cabinet, a hula hoop and a child's bike.

Throughout the month work continued in Judy’s Garden and Field. Excavations in the field have now revealed brickwork

Balsam was bashed under the pylons, the slope in the scout field, a little further upstream, on the bank just downstream from Judy Bridge and at Woodside on the right bank downstream from the
Plank Bridge. Saturday 29th was our annual Balsam Bash and this year it was a truly international affair. Fifteen PTG volunteers were joined by three guests, two of whom were visiting from Malaysia, making a grand total of 18. Multiple areas were given a good bashing.

Riverfly testing continues to be done each month and the results show no signs for concern.


We were so busy balsam bashing we forgot to take photos - we've just got this one of Richard as we worked our way up the beck.

Pear tree

pear tree

But we didn't forget to photograph the food we enjoyed afterwards at the Pear Tree in Norwood Green.


Here's our Woodside workers setting off to bash the balsam.


No matter how hard she tried Mary couldn't get this bike to go

June 2023

In June our volunteers worked 198 hours and collected 46 bags of rubbish plus a wheelie bin, a scooter, a yard brush, half a milk crate, a length of plastic piping, a dust pan shovel, a large shopping trolley, 2 camping chairs, a 1 man tent, a mattress, 2 duvets and 2 jackets

Throughout the month, excavation work continued in Judy Garden and Field. Plants were watered, silt in the well was removed and grass strimmed on the pathway.

pear tree

After over a hundred and fifty years - a pear grows in Judy's Garden


Corncockles growing in Judy's newly planted wildflower garden

Vandalised fencing was replaced, planks renewed on the cliff top bridge and rotten wood replaced on the stile in Station Road. The fence by the main kissing gate on Station Road was speedily repaired after being found damaged and broken down.

A camp site near to Judy Bridge was reported and considerable rubbish was cleared from it


Peter points out his youthful dexterity with a penknife. In case it's not his wife's initials we won't ask what he carved.


99 steps

Before and after shots of the 99 steps (We're no longer sure how many steps there are since our repairs!)

May 2023

In May our volunteers worked 243 hours and collected 48 bags of rubbish plus a milk crate, a large rug, a wellie, a small bicycle and a car tyre.

Throughout the month survey and excavation work continued in Judy’s Garden and Field and a bench was installed. Some infants from a nearby school assisted in planting herbs.

The drainage channel across High Fernley Road was cleared of mud, hanging branches and boughs removed on the red marker trail.

Part of the opposite steep banking has collapsed resulting in 3 or 4 trees falling into the beck. Some of the crown was removed to clear an area where balsam grows.

Three ‘sleepers’ were transported to the bottom of the 99 Steps ready for the next installation.

The recently fitted top fencing rail next to the steps to Judy Bridge has been vandalised and was recovered in two pieces from the beck.

Five areas of damaged walling in Royds Hall Lane were re-built.

River Fly testing in the beck continues and balsam pulling has commenced at Woodside.

A lot of work went into preparing the Judy's Garden area for the Archaeology walk. Nettles and brambles were cut back to try and locate the footings of her cottage and a seat erected near the back wall and the pear tree.


New bench

New bench installation

bench fitted

Job done!

Geoff works

Geoff tackles the brambles and nettles in Judy's Field...

cleared of brambles

and clears the way for another trench

April 2023

In April our volunteers worked 219 hours and collected 73 bags of litter plus a child’s trike, a sun cover, a length of metal channel, a traffic cone, a wine rack & a car parcel shelf.

The posts on the red marker route had their spring clean and damaged ones were repaired.

Our wallers continue to repair damaged walls. This month it was the turn of those in High Fernley Road.

We’ve had another delivery of railway sleepers from the council, and these will be used to continue our work on step replacement.

Leaf and twig debris was removed from the fallen tree across High Fernley Beck to improve water flow.

In addition to the blitz around Royds Hall Dam which accounted for 27 of this months bags of litter, a brave soul (our “dope on a rope”)  cleared the banking on Station road resulting in another 4 bags of litter.

rubbish more rubbish

Some of the litter collected on our blitz round the Royds Hall Dam area on 12th April - our contribution to The Great Bradford Spring Clean

March 2023

In March our volunteers worked hours 252 and collected 52 bags of litter plus 4 pieces of a pushchair handle, a coil of wire, a length of guttering and a small gas cannister

Work continues on the 99 steps - we think we've got more now. Three extra ‘sleepers’ were fitted in front of those installed earlier to increase the width of the steps.

Branches were trimmed on the fallen tree on Tinker’s Trail and a hanging bough on a tree on the Perimeter Path was cut down. Brambles were cut back under the pylons for easier access when balsam bashing.

Surveying started to locate the position of Judy’s Market Garden and continued throughout the month. A pear tree was planted in Judy’s Garden and all previously planted saplings were checked and any encroaching weeds were removed. In Judy’s Field the rotten wood exposing the culvert was replaced.

Pear tree

The newly planted pear tree.

Denis 1

Denis surveying....

denis 2

...and what he is looking at.

This years Riverfly sampling started in the two usual places by the bridge and at a new location near the bottom of Snoddy Mountain across at Woodside. In both locations samples were good with all the expected beasties being found.


On the 22nd we held our PTG planning meeting, plenty to do regardless of any ongoing repairs.

February 2023

In February our volunteers worked 213 hours and collected 52 bags of rubbish plus a car wheel and a garden fork.

We're putting a lot of effort into the 99 steps at the moment replacing some with new sleepers and turned others.

Some of our Woodside workers met at the dam and collected 9 bags of litter, 7 of rubbish and 2 for recycling.

Three wallers repaired quad bike damage to the wall in Royds Hall Lane.

A new post and four rails were put in to fill the gap in the fencing besides the steps down to Judy Bridge.

No flood but leaves were blocking the Station Road drain, these were cleared.

99 steps

Work in progress on the 99 steps


Closing the gap


What have our wallers spotted?


It's a dog!

January 2023

In January our volunteers worked 168 hours and collected 37 bags of litter plus the poo bin liner and a box of used fireworks plus a burned out motor cycle at Woodside.

Repairs done to vandalised poo bins, posts and fences.

Culverts cleaned and leaves cleared from various sites and branches cut down.

The lake formed again in the farmers field so the culvert was cleared and normal flow was resumed.

Work continues in Judy's garden where dead plants and weeds were raked out.


Above: This Fire Risk notice turned into a risk itself and had to be re-positioned.

Right: What a mess was made at the dog poo bins. Not a very nice job to clear this all up. Well done done lads. We're grateful for your dedicated emptying of these bins every week!

December 2022

In December our volunteers worked 165 hours and collected 32 bags of rubbish

At Station Road there was another flood and throughout the month all major culverts were checked and were clear and flowing well.

The kissing gate on Station Road was cleared of leaves and also from the steps on the perimeter path, the steps down to Judy's Bridge and the plank bridges on the perimeter path.

Work continued throughout the month on the wall repair up High Fearnley Road by the council barrier.

Straps were fitted to the split rails on the gate into Judy's Garden where an information plaque was attached to the gate post.

There was a break in hostilities for our Christmas meal when 32 members and partners enjoyed a meal at the Guide Post Hotel.


Above: Where to start?

Right: These lads have just cleared the leaves from the steps down to the bridge

steps cleared
November 2022

In November our volunteers worked 258 hours and collected 56 bags of rubbish plus the lid of storage box and a shopping trolley

After heavy rain there was another flood in Station Road which was quickly dealt with. The culverts in the woods were checked and debris cleared. A small pond had formed by the kissing gate where we have had problems with a culvert further up in the fields.

Work continues with fence repairs at the kissing gate and work was started on wall damage up High Fernley Road. A step on the perimeter path was repaired and Station Road banking cleared of litter. This is a dangerous location as it's very steep and we are grateful to those who tackle this regularly, but would be even more grateful if people stopped throwing litter down there in the first place.

In Judy's Garden beech saplings were added to the fence. Brambles were cleared and Denis and his team continued with the excavation. They were interviewed by a reporter from Bradford Community Broadcasting.

Our Woodside workers regularly leave our "territory" to litter pick and remove rubbish in the vicinity of Royds Hall Dam. They had 12 bags of litter and had to request help from the council to remove larger metal items


The stakes are high in Judy's Garden 

October 2022

In October our volunteers worked 177 hours and collected 42 bags of rubbish plus an empty petrol cannister and 2 trolleys which our young helpers in the school holidays assisted in dragging out.

There was the usual flood in Station Road this was quickly dealt with.

In Judy's Garden the path just above the steps was levelled and a hole dug in preparation for planting a pear tree. Work was done to prepare a vegetable garden

Brambles, bracken and branches were removed by the council barrier up High Fernley Road in preparation for repairing the damaged wall where the tree came down.

Three carried out their final Riverfly sampling for the year finding just the standard types of beasties.

Two went in search of a reported tent in Old Hanna but had no luck finding it.

Four assisted Denis with his surveying establishing a Bench Mark at the gate into Judy's Garden. (Congrats Dr Waudby on your PHD)

The fence by the kissing gate between the field and Low Wood has been breached again and repaired again.

Gate mending gate
September 2022

In August our volunteers worked 177 hours and collected 43 bags of rubbish

In Jagger Park Wood and Low Wood numerous camp fires were cleared including one with an extensive amount of rubbish.

In Judy's Garden work continued on the fencing, the wall, the wild garden was cleared and re-seeded and an area was cleared for a possible herb garden.

Damaged walls, posts and fences were repaired in various locations.

Large deposits of beer cans were removed from the Station Road banking and also at Woodside.

Five bat boxes were installed in various locations in the proximity of High Fearnley Road.

Judy's garden

Scenes from Judy's garden

Judy's garden vertical
August 2022

In August our volunteers worked 303 hours and collected 55 bags of rubbish and an assortment of items including another shopping trolley and a traffic cone.

Throughout the month we were assisted by four young helpers. A special thank you to them.
Work continued on the walling in Judy's Garden, loose stones were tidied up near the well, plants were watered, beech whips were collected and used in the fence.

The water level in the stream was just about deep enough to do some riverfly sampling. Insect numbers were low but there were no indicators of pollution.

Maintenance work included repairs to walls where (we believe) trail bikers had broken down sections to gain access.

More tree species identification signs were put up.



Left: Stuart erecting tree signs

Above: Woodside team clearing beck by footbridge

Building walls

Building walls in Judy's Garden

kissing gate

Missing bit of fence at kissing gate

July 2022

In July our volunteers worked eighty hours and collected 46 bags of rubbish plus a large variety of hardware, including five supermarket trolleys, a car wheel and a motorbike seat.

Throughout the month balsam was bashed in the low area down from the Main Path, the bank just below Judy Bridge, the left side of Sowden Lane just after Judy Bridge, in the horse field, in the farmer's field, in Judy's Field and on the bank of the beck at Woodside. On Saturday 9th July eleven of us met for a balsam bashing morning and afterwards we enjoyed lunch at the White Bear. We have succeeded in almost eradicating balsam from several distinct areas by attacking it over a period of about five years.

Work started on the wall around the well area in Judy's Garden.

Owing to the dry weather the stream was not deep enough to do riverfly sampling.



Where's the grub?


A couple of unexpected balsam bashers


Noah and his trophies

June 2022

In June our volunteers worked 279 hours and collected 37 bags of rubbish plus a child’s scooter and the legs of a camping chair

This month we've had two much younger helpers and a visitor from New Zealand plus the usual crew.


Two younger helpers

Work has started on the balsam. We're having to go out and look for it in some places - surely that's a good sign we're getting on top of it?

Work has continued on Judy's Garden, River Fly sampling, and the usual repairs and general upkeep.


Some of the red marker's before and after Julie got to work on them.



Our annual rescue of the Judy's Woods sign in the thistles and brambles at the top of the lane leading down to Horse Close Cottages

sign sign revealed
May 2022

In May our volunteers worked 231 hours and collected 44 bags of rubbish plus a baking tray, three short lengths of barbed wire, a plastic spare wheel cover, two trollies, a small fridge, a tyre and a full size bicycle.

Throughout the month work has continued on Judy's Garden including walling, fence building and wild flower seed sowing. With the help of one of our volunteers and his pickup truck three stone steps were transported to High Fernley Road and installed in Judy's Garden.

steps Judy's garden

At Woodside there was a blitz on the stream collecting 8 bags of rubbish, yet another trolley and a fridge.

Our wallers repaired damage in Royds Hall Lane and our River Fly sampling continues.

We have had various problems with fires and following the fire brigade having to be called out again the council have erected "No Fires" signs at various points in the woods.

One Wednesday morning at Station Road we were met by a dead roe deer by the compound gate, a phone call and it was quickly removed by the Council. Possibly it had been in a fight with another buck as there appeared to be part of an antler sticking out of its stomach.
April 2022

In April our volunteers worked 225 hours and collected 34 bags of rubbish plus a medium sized bicycle, a shopping trolley and a roll of lino.

During the school holidays we were pleased to be joined by 3 young helpers.

We commenced Riverfly monitoring again, encouraged by the support we had at the AGM.

Work has started on the wall above Judy's Cottage and brambles and weeds have been removed along with dangerous overhanging branches.

We've been checking on QR code posts and reinstating if necessary along with cleaning the marker posts along the Red Marker route.

We're working on turning and re-laying more of the 99 steps and the council have delivered railway sleepers to replace the rotted ones.


How long before this tree topples. we wonder?


Sally and Alan inspect the honeysuckle growing in Judy's Garden

March 2022

In March our volunteers worked 252 hours and collected 48 bags of rubbish plus a tent, a sleeping bag, the front of a gas fire, a child's car, part of a scooter, a wheel, a drawstring bag and 3 car tyres.

A team of six had already made short work of cutting back the crown of the fallen tree blocking the start of the Ravine Path last month. A reduced team then moved on and cleared the one further along the path. The 'heavy gang' cleared the fallen tree and some leaf debris on the steps down to the plank bridge they then cleared numerous small trees and branches blocking access to the plank bridge.
Metal straps were fitted to a split plank on the bridge. On the way back branches were cleared from the Main Path in Royds Hall Great Wood. A leaning tree by the Mineral Line culvert was cut down as were branches overhanging a path in Judy Wood. At Woodside by the plank bridge more clearance work was carried out on the previous collapsed trees.

Two wallers carried out a repair in High Fernley Road.

Three members started their 2022 Riverfly monitoring at two sites near Judy Bridge.

The steps at Woodside and Tinker's Trail were cleared of dried leaves with the leaf blower. The heavier damp debris was cleared by rake and shovel.


Text Recent winds have devastated the area near the stepping stones into Jagger Park Wood.

February 2022

In February our volunteers worked 240 hours and collected 41 bags of rubbish plus a sweeping brush and a car wheel.

A contractor organised by the council has started work on re-surfacing part of the main path in from Station Road. This work involves machinery and techniques beyond the Task Group's capabilities.

We've been experimenting with turning some of the worn steps on the 99 steps, to see if this is an alternative to completely replacing the damaged ones.

Our Woodside team have strayed from the woods and cleared rubbish from around Park Dam and from a recent fire which resulted in 9 bags of rubbish. Back in the woods drains have been cleared, culverts unblocked and branches removed.

Following the heavy winds and rain there have been trees damaged, paths blocked and flooding at the culvert by the kissing gate into the woods. Our volunteers have cleared the culvert again and rebuilt the walls. We have worked hard to clear fallen trees and sawed branches and moved debris and reinstated the ravine top path which was blocked. Some trees which have fallen in Old Hanna and other woods but are not blocking paths have been left alone and will be allowed to rot down in situ.

A major improvement has been the bottom entrance in from Station Road where roots have been removed and steps repaired making the path much more stable.


Our new steps are a great improvement


This tree was blocking the ravine path in Low Wood

more branches

First we cleared the gully by the mineral line

e4ven more bloody branches

...and eventually the main path was open again

January 2022

In January our volunteers worked 240 hours and collected 43 bags of litter plus a traffic cone, some aerosol cans, a flexi tub, a child's scooter, 2 bags of pieces of wood and a burnt out adult motorised scooter.

We had some wind damage to mature trees and branches and stumps were cleared in culverts.

More tree identification labels have been fixed on their relevant trees. See if you can spot them.

Leaves have been cleared on the 99 steps and some steps turned to reveal a better surface.

Work has started on the steps in from Station Road at the bottom entrance which have become very muddy with recent heavy rainfall. Roots were dug up in preparation for constructing a more substantial way in.

We're also working on the Red Marker Route reinstalling damaged stone posts and adding some wooden ones where necessary.

There has been considerable damage to walls and gates but we are attempting to keep up with repairs and securing gates.

The Woodside team cleared 5 bags of rubbish from the playground on Meadway and reported flay tipping on Royds Hall Lane to the council.


A new wooden post points the way where the path leads back up the slope at Woodside


Starting work on the steps in from Station Road. You can see the clay mud we're trying to cover

Stone Marker

Repairing a stone maker post and reinstalling

December 2021

In December our volunteers worked 222 hours and collected 37 bags of litter plus plus a tyre, a balloon gas cannister, the framework of a settee, 2 shopping trollies and a small metal hoop. We also found time to meet together for Christmas Lunch.

Denis outlined his plans for the work in Judy's Garden and the area up to the well. He hopes to submit a grant application next January to the Heritage Lottery Fund and if successful start work in the spring.

Stones were lifted on the culvert above the well.

On the Perimeter Path in Royds Hall Great Wood two overhanging branches were cut down. Leaves were removed from the cone culvert on a couple of occasions.
Water was flowing through the wall at the bottom of the farmer's field by the far kissing gate and again the culvert in the farmer's field was unblocked and stones repositioned to create a more defined

A stump was blocking the culvert that takes Low Wood Beck under the Main Path, this was initially moved to one side and when more person power was available, lifted out.

We wish a Happy New Year to all those using the woods. We thank those folks who regularly pick up litter on their walks and those dog walkers who pick up after their pets. Aren't we lucky to have these beautiful woods to use for our walks and well being. Thanks for looking after them.

november 2021

We have spotted lots of fungi this year as we have worked in the woods - hopefully our annual walk will take place again next year

November 2021

In November our volunteers worked 219 hours and collected 39 bags of litter plus plus a shopping trolley and a tyre.

In Low Wood on the Perimeter Path four steps were replaced and one edge repaired. The cone culvert was cleared of leaves and twigs.
Two wallers continued clearing mud and creating drainage channels in High Fernley Road they also repaired about 5 foot of damaged wall.
The previously installed tree identification labels were checked and still in place so the plan is to source and install some more.
Leaves were cleared from the steps down to Judy Bridge, the 99 Steps, the area around the drains in Station Road, the kissing gate, steps and plank bridges on the Perimeter Path.

The drain in Station Road was also given a good broddle. (is this a technical term?)
Later using the blower leaves were cleared on Station Road, the Main Path to the High Fernley, road bins and also on the RavineTop Path.
The crown was removed from the tree blocking High Fernley Beck so we can see what is supporting the large multi limbed branch, a photo was sent to the council to decide what action is
needed and also one of the collapsed tree at the start of the Cliff Top Path.
Some of the debris blocking the beck by the Stepping Stones was removed

november 2021

A dam formed by a fallen trees near the stepping stones into Jagger Park Wood

October 2021

In October our volunteers worked 228 hours and collected 33 bags of litter plus plus a tyre, a tent, 2 pillows, a wood saw and a kitchen knife.

Tidying up has been the theme this month. From branches, overgrowing vegetation and debris. We've had more damage to gates and our walling team are repairing damage too.

The container roof has been repainted and inside tidied up.

On the right you can see repairs to the steps on the perimeter path coming from Doctor Wood to Low Wood.

September 2021

In September our volunteers worked 279 hours and collected 56 bags of litter plus a child's bike frame

Back at base the container has been given a good sanding down and a coat of paint. Our numbers continue to grow in number and one week we had 27 volunteers.

We are getting more confident with our River Fly monitoring and have decided to continue through the winter months if possible so we can continue to hone our skills - and not forget what we have learnt!

We've had some damage to the fence on Station Road which the council will be attending to and also damage to walls by vandals which the walling team are tackling.

Autumn means clearing out drains and culverts and making safe after fallen tree boughs.

Illegal wild camping resulted in a fire penetrating the ground in Old Hanna wood and the Fire Brigade had to be called. We do not want a repeat of the fire which burned underground for years in past.

August 2021

In August our volunteers worked 255 hours and collected 52 bags of litter plus a rectangular wicker basket, a pair of socks, a fire bucket complete with lid, 2 plastic garden chairs, a duvet, a metal washing line pole, a grill rack and the springs of a single mattress.

At Woodside litter was picked and balsam bashed and the step repairs were also completed.

Council habitat notices were attached to various log piles alerting the public to the ways dead wood was useful to wild life and asking them not to remove wood.

The collapsed part of the fence leading down to Judy Bridge was repaired and Balsam was bashed parallel to the stream in the field to the left after Judy Bridge odd plants were cleared on the lane and the banking of the Scout Field. Odd plants were found on the edge of the farmer's field, more were found at the top of Judy's Field. We really do seem to winning the battle against balsam in parts of the woods.

The walling team worked on repairing the recent damage to the wall at the far kissing gate and the gap in High Fernley Road.

Our four Riverfly monitors continued their survey work


Two young helpers Bradley and Henry, assisted in clearing debris from the first culvert in from High Fernley Road

It's a tree!

Tree identification labels were attached to a number of trees

July 2021

In July our volunteers worked 258 hours and collected 46 bags of litter plus a small bike, 2 large pieces of lino, 2 cushions from a sofa, a shopping trolley and part of a road sign.

No holidays for our PTG - it's been a very busy month. We welcome our new members and thank our Barrow Boys for dog poo removal and our "revolting" renamed Woodside Workers!

As usual drains and culverts have been cleared, balsam has been bashed, walls repaired, brash piles tidied, fallen branches cleared, bracken cleared from saplings in memorial planting area, QR code trail posts checked,

Disturbing earth works made by bikers have been found in Jagger Park and reported to council.

A lot of effort has gone into the resiting of our container, making sure it is still in good order and sorting out the contents. Thanks to all concerned


Alan gets on top of the problem as the container is re-positioned

Resistance is futile

Noah is getting a liking for litter picking

Jam pudding

Making firm foundations for the steps repairs

June 2021

In June our volunteers worked 160 hours and collected 50 bags of litter plus two pieces of carpet, an aluminium crutch, 2 car tyres and a shopping trolley

Our walling team continue to repair damaged walls up Royds Hall Lane and High Fernley Road.

So far the patches of balsam are coming through much later than usual and not as much. Either we're winning or it's something to do with this year's strange weather.

The Fire Brigade were called to a fire in one of piles of wood where the council have been chopping trees down. Signs have been attached to wood piles informing the public of the council's policy on dead wood left in situ.

We have started work on repairing the steps at Woodside and a contractor has repaired the washed out footings of the plank bridge at Woodside.

Ed from the council has been monitoring fallen trees in various places and path diversions are in place where necessary.

River Fly monitoring continues to be done on a monthly basis.


Taking in the size of the job


It's easy when you know how



Chris is in danger of letting things run away with him

milk stout

How does that look?

May 2021

In May our volunteers worked 234 hours and collected 50 bags of litter plus a car wheel, 2 tyres, 4 tyre treads, 2 car wheel rims, a boiler pressure vessel, 2 traffic cones, a small kiddies slide, 2 shopping trollies, a lorry mudguard, a length of metal fencing, a small metal box, a lilo, a home-made bow (no arrows), length of mesh fencing, a complete fibreglass canoe, and a medium gas bottle.

As well as our usual maintenance tasks the Woodside notice board was cleaned, weeds removed in Judy's garden and a large camp in Jagger Park Wood was demolished and the site cleared.

After heavy rain the culvert from the farmer's field was overflowing, but now we know where the problem is the debris was removed and it's back to normal again.

Our old adversary Himalayan balsam is back, a little later than usual but no doubt just as troublesome. If you see any, do feel free to pull the little blighters up. There should be notices around the woods giving more instructions. Thank you to those who help us in this way on their walks through the woods.

April 2021

In April our volunteers worked 243 hours and collected 78 bags of litter plus 3 sun loungers, a child's bike, an artificial Christmas tree, a large sack full of rubbish, a complete car wheel, a bicycle rim, bits of a burnt out tent, a
piece of metal railing, a shopping trolley, a piece of trolley cage, a car tyre, a car tyre tread, a length of plastic car trim and a roll of heavy duty plastic sheeting.

As usual most of the large pieces of rubbish came from the beck. We're still monitoring the beck for riverfly and getting a bit better at identifying the major species which can give an indication of the health of the beck.

Our QR code posts were checked and given a lick of paint and replaced where necessary. Beech whips were removed, missing and broken fence railings by the steps down top Judy Bridge were repaired and the walls up Royds Hall Lane tackled by our walling team.

March 2021

In March our volunteers worked a record number of 318 hours and collected 75 bags of litter plus a small gas bottle, an Opal grill, a pushchair, a 25L oil drum, a bike, a scooter frame, a plastic bin full of rubbish, a composting bin, 2 pieces of carpet, and a “Wiggle” scooter.

This month we've had help from members of the public who helped our volunteers remove heavy items from the beck and we also welcomed three younger person during the school holidays. Thanks to everyone who helps on a regular basis and our guest helpers.

There's been a lot of routine work carried out and some new ventures started. On the News page you can read about our river fly sampling project which will be a regular feature of our work from now on, checking the water quality of the beck.

We've found a new use for the beech whips we've been pulling. Brian has been at the head of the assault on the the little saplings which are in danger of taking over in parts of the woods. Encouraged by Lorna and Elliot from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust we've discovered that the whips can be bundled together to build fascines. These were installed above High Fernley Beck to protect the banking from erosion.

On March 10th we commemorated what would have been the 100th birthday of Mary Trossell (nee Eastwood) who inspired our Mary's Walk booklet. See the News page for details.


Repairing the plank bridge in Low Wood.


Lorna shows Mary how to make the bundle.


Lorna and Elliot watch as Geoff fixes the fascine in place


Job well done


No stone goes unturned in our quest for river fly.


Noah uses a turkey baster to transfer flies from the sampler tray to the identification tray.

February 2021

In February our volunteers worked a total of 120 hours and collected 37 bags of litter plus a shopping trolley and a small dressing table.

All the usual stuff.......drains and culverts unblocked, leaky dams maintained, litter picked and beech whips pulled plus High Fernley Beck was corrected to stop water collecting in the low area below the main path.

In addition we finally figured out what was causing the water damming problem near the kissing gate from Judy's Field when we got permission to check in Woodlands field. We got a wonderful present from the council - a long reach litter picker! It's going to make retrieving litter from down the banking on Station Road a lot easier.

The council have started felling the diseased trees in Low Wood. It looks a sorry sight but is necessary to maintain the health of the remaining trees. The timber will be left on site and allowed to rot - this is council policy as it is good practise to provide rotting wood for beetles and other insects.


The long.......


..and the short of it.


Go on - count the rings and tell us how old the tree is


There's a culvert down there, which we eventually unblocked.


Leaky dams are supposed to leak - ours got blocked up!

January 2021
In January our volunteers worked a total of 156 hours and collected 94 bags of litter plus a walking pole and a piece of pipe. We are back in lockdown again therefore working in smaller groups, maily litter picking. It may be cold, damp and miserable but there is still litter out there.


Tina & Mary

More litter

Joyce & Sally

Two of our wallers have finished one of the repatrs in Royds Hall Lane and also made stone steps and levelled the path at the kissing gate from the farmer's field.

The cone culvert on High Fernley Road and the one leading to the well in Judy's field were checked and are running free. The leaky dam upstream from the mineral line culvertwas overflowing around one side. Debris was cleared and the overflow stopped.

December 2020

In December our volunteers worked a total of a 207 hours and collected 41 bags of litter

We've done our usual winter work of clearing leaves, unblocking drains and culverts, checking tree guards and mending broken fences and walls.

Thanks to the lady who delivered us mince pies again. It made up for not being able to have our annual Christmas dinner - but not quite as filling.


Not a pug blowing bubble gum, but a pug playing with a balloon which delighted some of the PTG.


Still repairing those walls.


Two unusual sights in the fields adjoining the woods. This year the farmer has ploughed part of Great Pea Royd for the first time that we can recall.


These sheep in the fields called Woodlands, Round Field and Plain Field and were commented on by many people walking in the woods. We're used to seeing cows but here's another first.


Finally, it has been great to welcome new members to our Practical Task Group this year so please give a round of applause to our walling team Ken, Kevin, Hugh and John, and litter pickers extraordinaire............Liz, Roger and Tina and not forgetting the rest of the team...you know who you are

THANK clapping YOU

and finally a big thank you to all those unknown people who help us keep the woods looking good by taking home their litter and dog poo and even collecting up other people's litter.




November 2020

In November our volunteers worked a total of a 156 hours and collected 35 bags of litter plus some plastic sheeting, a length of flue pipe, a shower tray, a small metal sheet and a small traffic cone.

We had a blip in our efforts at the beginning of lockdown mark 2, when we were asked by the council to temporarily cease operations. These restrictions were later lifted and we were asked to follow the stricter social distancing rules. However throughout the month we continued to empty the bin at the top of the steps which has been regularly overfilled.

Leaves, undergrowth and tree branches have figured largely this month. We've cleared the leaves from the steps down to Judy Bridge and one stalwart volunteer cleared the 99 steps on their own - well done. Leaves have been cleared from culverts and drains and leaves and small logs removed from the leaky dam just up from the Mineral Line culvert, The marker post at the entrance to the woods down Royds Hall Lane near the turning to Horse Close Cottages was rescued from the undergrowth.

Dams were removed from High Fernley Beck and the stream's original course was re-established.

We've had problems with dry stone wall damage again, especially in the High Fernley Road area. We thank our walling team for persevering in the wake of such thoughtless damage.

A mountain ash sapling was planted in the memorial.

woods more woods
Now you see it - now you don't!
path clean path
Going, going, gone!
October 2020

In October our volunteers worked a total of a hundred and sixty five hours and collected forty two bags of litter plus a child's sit on car, a trolley, a large traffic cone, a small bike, a corrugated plastic sheet, a large bike tyre, a truck wheel, a tyre tread and part of a child's motorised ride on jeep.

Too late in the year now for much balsam bashing but plenty of rubbish and litter to pick following bikers and BBQ parties. We've been removing the plastic guards from around the trees planted by the Clifton Beck Project, Culverts have been cleared, leaves removed and various low hanging branches have been removed.



Henry's clearing leaves from the blocked culvert in Low Wood

happy tree

Even the tree seems pleased with his work

September 2020

In September our volunteers worked a total of two hundred hours and collected sixty one bags of litter plus four shopping trolleys, part of a child's ride on toy, a car tyre, a car wheel, bits of car trim, part of a Halifax sign, a duvet, a fridge carcase, a car seat frame. a disposable BBQ, two roof tiles, two pallets, a car seat, a tarpaulin and a trike scooter.

Most of this rubbish was removed from the beck by our team working from Woodside. There was still a lot of balsam to be bashed especially in the Snoddy Mountain area. Following the recent heavy rain a lot of drainage channels needed clearing and although we had a go at the drains recently cleared on Station Road we had no success in clearing the new blockages.



Not picking a mushroom


Litter picking in Jagger Park Wood

August 2020

In August our volunteers worked a total of 175 hours and collected 48 bags of litter plus part of a toy car, stripped out car dashboard, two burnt camping chairs, part of a truck tyre, a shopping trolley bag, a pop up tent, thirteen milk crates full of clean bottles and a length of chicken wire.
As ever we continue with our balsam bashing and are pleased with the take up of help from members of the public.

The vast increase in the number of visitors to the woods has seen more littering, but thanks are again due to members of the public helping out and added to our weekly litter picks the woods are looking good.

We've had to cut down five rope swings which present a safety hazard, bearing in mind the fragile condition of many of the beech trees boughs. We've repaired walls, bridge planks and drainage channels.

We're taking part in a consultation with the council about bikers in the woods, passing on details of fly tipping and trying to make visitors aware of the parking regulations on Station Road which are being ignored.



Wallers John and Kevin hard at it

Little worker

A portrait of a hard worker

July 2020

In July our volunteers worked a record total of 300 hours and collected 54 bags of litter plus a tyre tread, a boom stick, a tent pole, 2 large cardboard boxes, a short length of road barrier and 4 sacks of building rubbish fly tipped over the Station Road fence.

We've continued balsam bashing - the huge patch at Snoddy Mountain Woodside seems endless - but a lot of progress have been made there and throughout the woods. Thanks are due to members of the public who took up our challenge - we keep finding piles of uprooted balsam which we know haven't been responsible for.

Also continued thanks to all those people - some of you unknown to us - who have cleared up after other people's drink parties.

Our walling team have complete repairs in Royds Hall Lane and are currently working by the kissing gate near Horse Close Beck which suffered a lot of damage in the floods earlier this year.

The collapsed leaky dam in Low Wood just up from the mineral line has been re-built.


The collapsed leaky dam in Low Wood just up from the mineral line has been re-built.

Julie and Henry

Julie and Henry set to work - proving you are never to young to join the Task Group!

June 2020

In June our volunteers worked a total of 180 hours and collected 66 bags of litter plus 4 car tyres, a full car wheel, a tyre tread, a wheel rim, 2 pieces of road barrier, large and small traffic cones, remains of a suitcase, 2 shopping trolleys, the basket of a trolley, the side of a wheelie bin and a small bike.

This month we've had some new volunteers which is great news and also some members of the public have taken up our balsam pulling challenge - see the homepage for details. Teams of volunteers have been pulling balsam throughout the month and some even at the week end - over and above the call of duty. After years of seeming to get nowhere we're finally beginning to get on top of the pink stuff in several areas. Have a look at the edge of the path of the Scout Field as you go up Sowden Lane from the bridge. Not much balsam - now nettles have taken over.

Young helpers

Young members of the public keen to help a hand


Where to start?

bashed balsam

How it ends up...resistance is futile!

social thiny

PTG members show how it is possible to social distance AND bash balsam

A team of three wallers have now joined us to repair damage to dry stone walls. They started on High Fernley Road and are now working on Royds Hall Lane. Thanks guys - much appreciated! We hope we can look and learn and improve our basic walling skills.

dry stone walling Finished wall

A lot of our time this month has been diverted to clearing up after parties in the woods. 10 bags were removed from one area alone and we thank our volunteer who used his van to move the bags. We also want to thank those members of the public who also took it upon themselves to clear up after other people's parties - well done.

We've got back to doing more general maintenance - drains have been unblocked in Station Road, overhanging branches cut back and the bridge across to Snoddy Mountain at Woodside made safe.

And to quote our Task Group Co-ordinator - "Our favourite bin has been emptied" .........many many times - why not take your rubbish and dog poo home with you??

May 2020

In May our volunteers worked a total of 140 hours and collected 58 bags of litter plus a motorbike tyre, 2 pieces of plastic car bumper, 4 car tyres, s car rims, a wheelie bin lid, a large section of plastic road barrier, base of a large traffic cone, a garden waste bag and a single mattress.

We've continued to litter pick as individuals and couples as part of our allowed daily walks. Members of the public have also been extremely helpful in helping us clear away after a blight of drinks parties - special thanks to them for taking the initiative. Towards the end of the month as restrictions were relaxed to allow meeting members from outside your household it's been possible to work in pairs (still socially distanced of course) and clearing the stream and balsam bashing has been possible again.

rubbish rubbish bags
Carting away those smelly bags of rubbish - we're encouraging people to take their doggy bags home or deposit them in the bins at the edge of woods which are emptied by the council. The bin at the top of the steps is emptied by our volunteers and is not a pleasant task - especially when rubbish builds up that won't fit in the bin.
April 2020

In April our volunteers worked a total of 78 hours and collected 43 bags of litter - this in the first full month of COVID-19 restrictions on the way we normally work.

Another knock on effect of the Corvid-19 restrictions is that more people are using the bins to deposit litter and dog poo. The bin at the top of the steps leading down to Judy Bridge is emptied by our volunteers and its contents have to be taken to Station Road where the council will pick up our litter bags. This is not a pleasant task at any time, but look at what the bin looked like over Easter! For this reason we are asking you to take your dog poo and litter home with you, or deposit it in the bins emptied by the council on Station Road, Wyke: Meadway and Ullswater Crescent, Woodside and Village Street, Norwood Green.
March 2020

In March our volunteers worked a total of 97 hours and collected 26 bags of litter plus a length of drainpipe and a length of aluminium tubing.

Damaged bird and bat boxes were removed from various trees. Mud was cleared in High Fernley Road.

The COVID-19 outbreak has meant that our Practical Task Group can no longer meet up to work on projects, but as part of the allowed daily exercise some of our members are walking the woods separately to do litter picking. 

February 2020

In February our volunteers worked a total of 177 hours and collected 34 bags of litter plus a weathered council sign, a wheelie bin, 5 bags of cannabis waste and length of fencing wire.

Record amounts of rain have meant that we're waiting until the worst is over before restoring the stepping stones in the beck by Jagger Park Wood. We've been clearing leaves blocking drains, culverts, steps and paths and cutting back overhanging branches.

Four apple trees have been planted in Judy's Garden and guards fitted.

Reconditioned markers have been fitted to some of the trees on the Picture Trail


A lake has formed again in the old channel to the left of the main path, but this will drain away once the water levels drop.

January 2020
In January our volunteers worked a total of 144 hours and collected 44 bags of litter plus a car wishbone, a wheel backplate and a car tyre.
This month we cleared drains and culverts and used the leaf blower to clear paths, Beech whips continue to be pulled. Maintenance was carried out on the stepping stones but later storms have washed them away.
We've started surveying the red marker route to clean posts and check posts are still in position.
Sadly we have had to remove the vandalised notice board at Woodside.
Rowan trees were planted in Judy's Field and guards were fitted.


Alan planting apple and pear trees in Judy's field.
It is hoped that these trees will encourage more birds and small rodents such as field mice.


filling up tyres to use as stepping stones


looking for the drain to clear on Station Road


belated Christmas treats from a grateful supporter

December 2019

In December our volunteers worked a total of 95 hours and collected 24 bags of litter. We had a Wednesday off to share in our Christmas lunch and with both Christmas Day and New Year's day falling on a Wednesday volunteer hours are down. On each occasion members went in another day to empty the bins - such dedication - thanks.
Steps and plank bridges were cleared of leaves, drainage channels checked and cleared of debris and work started on the wall repairs on High Fernley Road.
Beech whips continue to be pulled but following the discovery of Phytophthora cambivora amongst our beeck population we are no longer replanting whips to stabilise banking.

We were sorry to say goodbye to Andrew Cutts from the council Woodlands Team and wish him well in his new appointment in Wales. We have appreciated his knowledge and methods of working with us.

November 2019

In November our volunteers worked a total of 135 hours and collected 34 bags plus a metal tray, a motorbike and car tyre, 2 medium sized compressed gas cylinders and a duvet cover. More deja vu still clearing leaves and pulling beech whips and even more mud.

We are devastated to find out woods are infected with Phytophthor. Please see here: skull

PTG Nov ptg Nov2
October 2019

In October our volunteers worked a total of 189 hours and collected 33 bags of litter plus 4 cushions, a blanket, a medium sized 2 wheeled wheel bike, 1 bicycle wheel, 2 large electrical sockets and a plastic petrol can.

This time of year it's a bit like deja vu - unblocking culverts, clearing leaves, moving fallen branches, pulling beech whips - you get the picture?

Andrew Cutts, Bradford Council Assistant Woodland Manager, walked round with Alan and Ian one Wednesday morning to look at areas where new trees could potentially be planted.

September 2019

In September our volunteers worked a total of 141 hours and collected 39 bags of litter plus 2 car tyres, a wheel rim, 2 car seats, a 3m length of plastic pipe, a soaked duvet, a length of road barrier, 5 cannabis root bags, a length of metal tube and a length of rope.

We've just about reached the end of balsam bashing for this year and have been catching up on general maintenance of paths and bridges plus our usual litter picking.

Marker down Marker up
Putting one of the markers on the red trail back in position
August 2019

In August our volunteers worked a total of 126 hours and collected 32 bags of litter plus 2 large bags of BBQ rubbish, a 25L plastic container, the front wheel of a child's scooter, the axle of a wheelie bin and a bicycle tyre.

New mesh was filled to 4 bridge on the Perimeter Path and staples hammered into the plank bridge by the 99 steps to offer some grip. Edging was replaced on various paths and stepping stones repositioned.

Redundant canes and guards were removed from recently planted trees and weeding was done in Judy's garden.

Balsalm continued to be bashed!

PTG Repairs
bridge stream
July 2019

In July our volunteers worked a total of 189 hours and collected 38 bags of litter plus a tyre tread, a box of Bud empties and the seat and one leg of a wooden chair.

  • path edgings were replaced
  • a broken rail was replaced on the fence down to Judy's garden
  • work was started on the worn mesh on the bridges on the perimeter path
  • bracken was removed in the memorial garden
  • debris was cleared from the stepping stones after the recent heavy rain
  • the Station Road banking was cleared of rubbish and overhanging branches were cut back
  • balsam bashing continues
Judy Woods Heavy rain damage
June 2019

In June our volunteers worked a total of 172 hours and collected 35 bags of litter plus the remains of a burnt wheelie bin, a child's scooter, 2 shopping trolleys, 3 mattress springs and a tyre.

Waste from various fires found in the woods were cleared. The Station Road banking was cleared of rubbish. Overhanging branches in various locations were cut back. Planting and weeding was done in Judy's Garden and Picture Trail markers were checked and replaced where necessary. Various bits of fencing and rails were replaced and the tyres at the stepping stones were checked, some new ones added and others repositioned.

Tasks tyres

The balsam has appeared later than usual this year but we've started our annual onslaught and judging by the scarcity of plants in some areas we have concentrated on in the past, we hope that our good work is finally paying off.


Sue getting to grips with the problem.

burnt bin

Not sure what Brian's got there - could it be a dead wheelie bin?

May 2019

In May our volunteers worked a total of 103 hours and collected 37 bags of litter plus 2 tyres, 2 pieces of foam from a chair, a piece of burnt out wheelie bin, part of a wagon wheel arch, a glove box lid and two larger pieces of metal.

This month's hours are less than usual as one of our Wednesday morning sessions was replaced by a First Aid training session given to 12 of our volunteers by the Red Cross. We take our safety in the woods very seriously and the update on basic first aid, giving CPR and the use of a defibrillator were very useful and we thank our tutor Dennis Brooksbank for his clear instructions.

In addition to our usual work on paths and clearing fallen trees we've been repairing vandalised walls and fences and the council has had to be called in to deal with quad bike damage.

The first balsam of the season has reared it's pretty head and we'll be taking the smile off its face in the coming weeks. Fancy joining us in this task? See the events page for details of our Balsam Bash on Saturday 29th June.


First handful of balsam this year, grabbed off Royds Hall Lane

New gear

"How do you like our new kit?"


Repairing a bit of damaged wall on the perimeter of Judy Wood

Job done.

Job done!

April 2019

In April our volunteers worked a total of 159 hours and collected 46 bags of litter plus a shovel, a piece of car bumper, some water pump pliers, a 3ft metal stake, a metal frame of a small car, a piece of double glazing window frame, a tyre, a 25l liquid container and a plastic pet carrier.

Two camps sites have been cleared in Old Hanna Wood. Over 3 weeks the beck has been walked from the mineral line culvert in Low Wood to the stepping stones in Royds Hall Great Woodand rubbish removed.

Weeding and planting has been done in Judy's Garden and the culvert by Judy's spring checked and made more secure.

A length of collapsed path edging has been replaced just in from the kissing gate on Station Road.

March 2019

In March our volunteers worked a total of 153 hours and collected 34 bags of litter plus a space hopper, 2 pieces of plastic road barrier, a rusty metal post, 2 car tyres, a car wishbone and a length of wire. Part of the path by the beck has been closed during work by contractors on the overhead pylon lines which has necessitated working in other areas.

Some ropes and harnesses were needed to clear the litter from down the banking on Station Road.

Station Road Station Rd
February 2019

In February our volunteers worked a total of 177 hours and collected 39 bags of litter plus a car tyre, two large sheets of plastic and half a large garden pot.

We had to re-do quite a bit of work on the revetment of the mineral line following vandalism but the area now seems to have been stabilised. We continue to remove beech whips and repair damaged paths.

Repairs more repairs
January 2019

In January our volunteers worked a total of 186 hours and collected 34 bags of litter plus 2 lengths of metal pipe, a large sheet of plastic, a road sign, 8 canvas bags, a length of rod, a large holdall and the legs of a folding stool.

In addition to winter maintenance and beech whip pulling, various fallen branches were removed. The stepping stones into Jagger Park Wood were inspected and channels dug nearby in a new long term project where we are trying to drain the swampy area adjacent to the steps which will hopefully allow us to get near a huge patch of balsam which needs attention.

Three steps were repaired leading to the stepping stones over High Fernley Beck.

Step repair
December 2018
In December our volunteers worked a total of 98 hours and collected 21 bags of litter plus a large sheet of plastic and a 15l water bottle
Hours were slightly less due to the Christmas break but some of our dedicated team emptied the bins over the holidays. During the month we concentrated on the usual winter maintenance issues of drains, culvert and clearing leaves, and of course removing beech whips! We had a PTG Christmas lunch at the Guide Post but you'd think we were showing off if we added photos of our Christmas jumpers.
November 2018

In November our volunteers worked a total of 156 hours and collected 25 bags of litter plus a piece of tyre tread, a car tyre and a car scissors jack.

We turned our attention to fallen leaves this month. They've been cleared from various paths, steps, grates and culverts along with other debris.

Shallow drainage channels have been made in the lanes coming through the woods to help clear pools of water.

Beech whips continue to be removed in an effort to make some of the paths more obvious.

October 2018

In October our volunteers worked a total of 135 hours and collected 32 bags of litter plus a piece of car bumper, a wheel rim, a tyre, a large traffic cone and the base of a 2 seater settee.

We've worked four sessions on Low Wood Beck, protecting the banking of the mineral line underneath the previously installed revetment and two leaky dams were installed further upstream to try and slow the flow of water.

Leaky Dam

Julie working on a leaky dam.

Alan & Tony

Alan and Tony working on the banking by the mineral line

Fallen branches blocking paths or overhanging fences in several different parts of the woods have been removed. Broken steps and path edging has been repaired and steps cleared of leaf litter. 

Ian & John

Ian and John make short work of a fallen branch

Ian & Stuart

Ian and Stuart repairing steps near the Woodside entrance

Brian has been tackling those beech whips again - like Himalayan balsam removal it's a never ending task.

September 2018

In September our volunteers worked a total of 135 hours and collected 22 bags of litter plus a length of barbed wire, a whole car wheel, a length of carpet, a large piece of underlay, a child's large motorised toy, and the base of a large traffic cone.

We're still balsam pulling but we've also been checking all the QR code posts and installed some new ones with details of the Clifton Beck Project and James websites.

Some damaged dry stone walls have been repaired and low overhanging branches have been removed on various paths.


Damaged walls down Royds Hall Lane


Lining stones up to use in repairs


Getting on with it


Repairing wall by Judy's Wood

Work has started to combat the erosion underneath the previously installed revetment in Low Wood Beck. A base of ballast was laid and large stones placed on top to protect the right hand bank of the beck. All this will be concreted in eventually. In places the bed of the beck was deepened to try and direct water flow away from the eroded banking. We are planning to install 2 leaky dams upstream to slow the water flow. So watch this place.

August 2018
In August our volunteers worked a total of 213 hours and collected 44 bags of litter plus 3 tents, a bicycle and a single kitchen unit.


Work on the steps up into Jagger Park wood has now been completed and we thank Stuart and his team for making the path up from the beck much safer, yet still in keeping with the surroundings.

Much balsam bashing has been done over the summer months and we are having to revisit areas a number of times to make sure we catch late comers before they "pop". We are concentrating on clearing areas a few yards either side of the beck to stop seeds entering the water.
Balsam Balsam gone

Members of the PTG are often gratified when thanked for our work by people who use the woods regularly. Recently one such person commented that they were pleased to meet the PTG in person at last as they were of the opinion that the Friends group were fairies who did their work secretly!

July 2018

In July our volunteers worked a total of 193 hours and collected 34 bags of litter plus yet another small traffic cone, a short length of trunking lid and a
small plastic cover/guard.

We have removed the vandalised FoJW noticeboard at the Woodside entrance and the council have repaired the damaged wall nearby.

Work continues in Judy's Garden area, repairing the wall, removing brambles and maintaining the wild flower patch.

Stuart and his team continue their work on the steps up into Jagger Park Wood.

Volunteer numbers have been high recently and we have also had help this month with balsam bashing from Woodside Scouts and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust volunteers. Thanks to both groups.

Balsam 1

balsam 2

There's a bit of a competition going on here to find the biggest!

June 2018

In June our volunteers worked a total of 120 hours plus (balsam bashing) and collected 35 bags of litter plus what must be a record three trollies, a trolley cage, seven tyres, a large Calor gas bottle,one large and 0ne small bike, a plastic sledge, a small traffic cone, the base of a large traffic cone, a plastic bucket, TV circuit board and a number of other large items.

Work continues at Judy's garden and repairs on the QR trail. Damaged trees have been removed and as the above figures testify we've cleaned out the stream down the ravine. We've taken delivery of two long handled scythes - all we need now is to learn how to use them safely.


trash June

Where does it all come from?


The lengths (or depths) we go to to collect that rubbish.

May 2018

Julie and Brian took over from Alan as organisers of the Practical Task Group at the beginning of the month and are getting to grips with their duties very nicely.

In May our volunteers worked a total of 181 hours and collected 28 bags of litter plus an adult bike and a length of barbed wire.
Work continues on the steps into Jagger Park Wood and Judy's Garden

Judy's garden Judy's Flowers

See how Judy's Garden grows! Linda and Julie's tender care is paying off.

Sadly many of the trees planted by the Clifton Beck Project have been vandalised and their volunteers have had to spend extra time replacing tree guards.

Trees growing below Judy Bridge were beginning to block views of the stream, so after a bit of work pruning low growing bushes the area has opened up again.

bridge bridge

Himalayan balsam is beginning to come through along the stream and our fingers are itching to start pulling it out. If you'dlike to help - please go to the Events tab for details of our Balsam Bash on Saturday 30th June.

April 2018

In April our volunteers worked a total of hours 135 and collected 24 bags of litter plus a car sump guard, tyre, piece of carpet, plastic plank , fire extinguisher.
More of the same – clearing mud, planting trees, pulling out whips.  Linda and Julie have taken on responsibility for the newly cleared part of Judy’s garden and we hope their tender care will result in a display of wild flowers later on in the year.


Linda and Julie have taken on responsibility for the newly cleared part of Judy’s garden and we hope their tender care will result in a display of wild flowers later on in the year.

March 2018

In March our volunteers worked a total of 162 hours and collected 30 bags of litter, a bike, large traffic cone, two duvets, large plastic container, an old car wheel rim and 2 tyres.
The ground around the kissing gate entrance in Station Road was cleared of mud and leaves and also further along the main path, where it was very muddy. The path and steps down to the stream from the stile entrance on the mineral line was also cleared. The steps into Jagger Park, at the stepping stones, were cleared of mud and leaves, after the recent bad weather and more work planned. Culverts were cleared and channels dug out to release water which had pooled.


While Seonaidh and her team are putting in native species such as hazel and willow

beech whips

Brian and co are valiantly trying to thin down the proliferation of beech whips which are taking over in places

February 2018

In February our volunteers worked a total of 99 hours and collected 20+ bags of litter 2 tyres, 8 plastic containers, old wheelbarrow, child's scooter and a traffic cone.

Most of our time this month has been spent litter picking as it has not been possible to do much ground work due to the hard frosts and snow covering. Every wood has been litter picked and we litter picked the Station Road embankment with the aid of a rope and harness.

Beech whips were removed from the Middle Path and the Clifton Beck Project have planted around 320 saplings and are looking to plant wild flowers as well as more trees.

We placed an old tyre filled with stones to form a stepping stone in the stream, at its narrowest point, where the Middle path crosses the stream.

Golf ball

Mary examines a rather good golf ball she's found


Meanwhile, all Ian can find in the way of spherical objects are masses of tightly balled tin foil. Someone's had a good picnic - but why not take their litter home?

January 2018

In January our volunteers worked a total of 131 hours and collected 22 bags of litter

We've continued the mundane, but vital work, of beech whip pulling. Clifton Beck Project volunteers have felled some of the smaller trees under the Beech canopies and planted native British trees in this area.

We used the drain rods to clear leaves and debris from the drainage channels and culverts running under the paths in Low Wood, Judy Wood and High Fernley Road.

Further work was done at the culvert on the top of the tunnel where the beck runs under Station Road, which was blocked and overflowing.

December 2017

In December our volunteers worked a total of 83 hours and collected 24 bags of litter.

We had a Christmas Lunch at the Guide Post Hotel on 6th December instead of tackling jobs in the woods. There was a festive hat competition which was tackled imaginatively by various members of the group. Unfortunately pictures of this event have been suppressed by general request.

At other times in December we continued with beech whip pulling and the steps down to the bridge were dug out and cleared of leaves.

November 2017

In November our volunteers worked a total of 204 hours and collected 27 bags of litter plus a tent and old cannabis plants.

Extra shifts have been put in to construct new steps on the Jagger Park Wood side of the stepping stones and to repair the information board at Woodside.


Making a start on the new steps..


As good as new..

Drainage culverts have been cleaned, the 99 steps cleared of debris, the plank bridge repaired and we continue to pull beech whips and weed the proposed wild flower garden near Judy's Cottage.


"Urgh, what a mess!" says Paul

99 steps

Litter picking the now cleared 99 steps




...and after.

Volunteers from the Clifton Beck Project have finished the work on stream revetments and they have planted around 150 native British trees in the area.
We greatly appreciated their assistance.


Linda in Judy's garden


Some of the new planting

October 2017

In October our volunteers worked a total of 162 hours and collected 28 bags of litter plus a gazebo, wheelie bin, child's bike, car seat cushion and a new shower tray in original packaging!

We removed over-hanging branches and beech whips on Tinker's Trail, where excessive growth had narrowed the path.

We worked in an area at the end of the Perimeter Path, at High Fernley Road, where we planted some native saplings a couple of years ago. We also removed brambles and beech whips that had grown around the newly planted trees.

Volunteers from the Clifton Beck Project continue to assist us and they have been removing beech whips, cutting down smaller trees and making some improvements to revetments on the stream in an effort to decrease erosion.

September 2017

In September our volunteers worked a total of 129 hours and collected 39 bags of litter plus 4 tyres, 3 buckets and half a wheelie bin!

During August, we had a meeting to plan the coming month's work and so we've been surveying sections of footpaths for future improvements and are looking at about 66 metres of path in stages of 20, 26 and 20 metres. We also plan to build steps up the steep banking at the stepping stone leading up into Jagger Park Wood.

Drainage channels have been checked and cleared and blocking stones removed.

We've been erecting bird and bat boxes made by the Clifton Beck Project volunteers, mainly in Low Wood.

Clifton Beck volunteers joined us to clear brambles on the perimeter path and their help has been greatly appreciated.


Paul puttimg up a bird box

Green Man

Is it The Green Man?


Julie seems to have got there without a ladder, while Paul needs John's assistance

August 2017

In August our volunteers worked a total of 135 hours and collected 23 bags of litter.

Again we spent most of the month removing Himalayan balsam. It's been gratifying to find that after all this time we're finally getting the better of it in several sites. Our new harness and rope helps to get to some steep banking sites - but lots still to conquer.

We've also cleared brambles from around saplings planted by us at several sites.

On the last Wednesday in August we held a meeting of the PTG members to discuss the work done so far this year and to plan future tasks.

From January this year to end July, 33 weeks, we have had a total of 346 volunteers, average 10 per week,
giving a total of 1038 working hours.

We removed 187 bags of litter, at 5kg per bag = 935kg of rubbish

This is a lot of hard work and we thank all our volunteers and Alan in particular for making sure things run smoothly each week.

Balsam again Balsam, he go!
Before and after in Hall Close above Judy's Field.


Stuart and Brian litter picking on the steep banking.

July 2017

In July our volunteers worked a total of 120 hours and collected 24 bags of litter plus a shopping trolley, 3 tyres, a fridge door and a child's bike.
The stile at the bottom entrance in Station Road was repaired. One of the step supports had worked loose and it was rocking when stepped on. The support was dug out and reset in concrete.
Most of this month's work had been removing Himalayan balsam from various arts of the woods following on from our Balsam Bash in June. Removing brambles at the top of Judy's field enabled us to pull out a large amount of balsam and also in the open field above which has been contaminating Judy's Field. There was just a small amount left around the Scout Field where our previous years of hard work is paying off.  Working in the Woodside end of the woods, we removed a large area of balsam just behind the notice boards at the entrance.

Balsam ciurse Curse removed

These pictures show before and after of the area by the plank bridge at the bottom of the steps at Woodside.

June 2017

In June our volunteers worked a total of 126 hours and collected 25 bags of litter plus tyres, a bicycle, plastic airbed, plastic and metal tubs, air
ducting and old cannabis plants.

This month we've been concentrating on pulling the balsam before it flowers. We even had an extra working party at our Balsam Bash on Saturday 17th June. We had a good turn out and attracted some new members for our Task Group. We worked our way along the beck pulling balsam as we went. Some of the party concentrated on the area by the stepping stones into Jagger Park Wood. It was hot work but the pile of balsam made it all worthwhile.
Bloody balsam balsam pile
We've continued pulling throughout the month each Wednesday and are making good headway and the piles of dead balsam are growing. One of our members came to grief (or his wellies and socks did) when he sank into the iron-water-rich bog near the stepping stones. He wishes to remain anonymous - but should we get him a chair to sit on while he cleans himself up?
jake the peg
May 2017

In May our volunteers worked a total of 165 hours and collected 32 bags of litter plus 4 tyres, a large plastic container and a child's paddling pool.

We've repaired the vandalised fence running down the steps to the bridge and also the walls at the bottom of Royds Hall Lane which suffered vandalism recently.


We're continuing to try and keep the area around Judy's Cottage clear, but suspect we are fighting a loosing battle with balsam.

Balsam 1 balsam2

All our hand tools, new and old have now been marked "FoJW" with permanent black marker and UV pens, likewise our wheelbarrows. Let's hope we have no recurrence of the thefts earlier in the year.

April 2017

In April our volunteers worked a total of 132 hours and collected 30 bags of litter plus 4 tyres, and old tent and a shopping trolley.

This month's tasks have included more work on the site of Judys's cottage including planting some wild flower plugs and seeds and clearing brambles from around the saplings we planted last year.

Thanks to a report from one of our Facebook members we were able to alert the council to dangerous branches hanging over the Tinker's Trail path and these were promptly removed.

The Easter holidays brought out the vandals as usual but the Task Group has been able to repair the fence posts on the steps leading down to the bridge and will be working on replacing capping stones on the wall at the bottom of Royds Hall.

Prepare ground

First prepare the ground....

then take a packet of seeds...Seeeeeds

..and sprinkle lightly

Sprinkle lightly



"Say that again!" What?


Repairing the hazel fence by the steps.

March 2017

In March our volunteers worked a total of 174 hours and collected 38 bags of litter and one tyre

After such a wet period underfoot most of our efforts have been directed at clearing culverts and drainage channels and digging out leaves from steps. The area around Judy's cottage site was dug over and prepared ready to receive wild flowers next month.

We have again suffered fly tipping in the area around our container. We are pleased to report our insurance company has accepted our claim for stolen tools and equipment.


Mud, glorious mud.

Culvert before

The culvert before...

Culvert after

..and after our attention.

February 2017

In February our volunteers worked a total of 171 hours and collected 37 bags of litter plus 9 tyres.

As detailed on our news page, someone broke into our container and stole all our tools. It's meant we can't tackle some jobs until we can sort out replacements, but members are bringing their own equipment and we carry on. Volunteer numbers have been high in the past few week and we thank everyone for their continued support at this difficult time.

This month we've been continuing to clear the tree falls and have made a start on clearing stream and culvert blockages.


A good mornings work in Old Hanna Wood by John, Chris, Colin, Steve, Ian and Norman - and of course Geoff behind the camera. Well done lads!

branch clearing

Team work


Ian and Chris survey the blockage on the beck in Low Wood


Colin applies some muscle to fallen branch

January 2017

In January our volunteers worked a total of 150 hours and collected 25 bags of litter plus an old tent and a small plastic bike

At Woodside we completed clearing the steps from the notice boards to the plank bridge. This has made a vast improvement, as being on a slope (most steps are!!) a lot of soil gets washed down and the steps were almost invisible under soil and leaves.

We covered a couple of plank bridges with wire to improve footing when wet.

With the high winds recently we have had more than the usual branch and tree falls. Some were too large for the PTG to deal with and so the council has been informed but we spent quite a lot of time this month cutting down branches and clearing them from paths.

Branches more branches
Happy New Year - 2017

Thanks to all our volunteers for their splendid efforts in all weathers last year. We've put in roughly 1440 man hours which is greatly appreciated by the Council.

Thanks to Alan for co-ordinating it all and to Alan and Geoff for taking the photos of what we've done.

Geoff Alan

If you want to join us in 2017 please contact Alan - see the details above.


2016 Summary

Covering 49 weeks. (2 cancelled due to weather, 1 for Christmas lunch)

Total Volunteers 480 avg 9.8 per week
Total Hours Worked 1440
Total Bags Litter 341 (conservative estimate 5kg /bag =1705 kg.)

December 2016

In December our volunteers worked a total of108 hours and collected 28 bags of litter plus 2 burnt out wheelie bins, a child's small plastic bike, 9 tyres, a shopping trolley, double bed mattress springs, plastic bread tray, child's pink bath.

The bend in the bank of the stream that floods into the blind valley down the steep embankment of the Main Path, was dug out and reinforced with large stones to stop this happening.

We dug out the steps down to the plank bridge, at Woodside, to improve the footing.

The tyres forming the stepping stoned across the Beck into Jagger Park had been washed slightly downstream and were refilled with stones and put back in place.

With the use of security ropes we litter picked along the Station Road embankment.

Photo awaited
November 2016

In November our volunteers worked a total of 129 hours and collected 25 bags of litter and two tyres.
Drainage channels on the Perimeter Path were cleared and a weak plank on the bridge across the drainage gully on the Cliff Path was replaced.
The 99 steps were cleared of leaves and dug out to improve footing. The leaf blower was used on many of the paths too.
We continue with our programme of removing Beech whips and clearing fallen boughs which have blocked paths.

October 2016

In October our volunteers worked a total of 114 hours and collected 31 bags of litter.

We've repaired walls in High Fernley Road and placed two more tyres in the beck as stepping stones across to Jagger Park Wood. We cleared a new path round a very large tree fall which was blocking the red marker path and checked for missing markers in the same area

The surfaces of three plank bridges, on the perimeter path were covered with chicken wire to improve the grip in wet weather. Our new leaf blower has been very useful in clearing the steps and paths.

September 2016
In September our volunteers worked a total of 105 hours and collected 30 bags of litter plus 2 tyres, builders supply bag, shopping trolley, plastic crate and part of a cane chair.

Dry wall

There's been some damage to the drystone walls in High Fernley Road but the Task Group made short work of the repairs

drystone wall
Judy's Garden The ground in Judy's Garden which we worked so hard to clear and planted with wild flower seeds soon became choked with weeds again.

rubbish pick

"Now where did that come from?" wonders Peter as he does his weekly litter pick.

July & August 2016

In July our volunteers worked a total of 105 hours and collected 23 bags of litter plus a child's bike and a double matress

In August our volunteers worked a total of 159 hours and collected 31 bags of litter plus a suitcase and a sun lounger frame

We've been hard at work all through the summer and on some Wednesdays in the school holiday we have been joined by Jasmine and Krystal who are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Jasmine and Krystal

Lucy Horner has helped us on many occasions and here she proudly holds her Duke of Edinburgh Certificate.

Lucy Horner

Our main work task at the moment has been on the perimeter path between the fields by Woodside Farm and Low Wood. The path was very muddy and we've replaced plank bridges and laid hardcore on the paths.

path 1 path2

And finally, thanks to whoever had the brilliant idea of using tyres filled with stones as ballast to cross the stream into Jagger Park Wood. Our previous stepping stones, which had been cemented in place, were washed away by the floods earlier in the year.

June 2016

The path on the edge of Low Wood next to the Misses Field has become very muddy (what's new?) and our current project is to replace the plank bridges.

Plank path new bridgework
May 2016

Judy's cottage

We continue to work on the site of Judy Cottage installing paths, fences and planting wild flower seeds.


Repairs to Access for All the path from Station Road

April 2016


We continue to litter pick each week and are sometimes surprised at what people leave behind!


One week we targeted North Brow Wood for a cleanup and here's the result.

notice board notice board restored

Our information board in Royds Hall Great Wood was looking a little worse for wear, so we painted the stucture and replaced the board

March 2016

We finished renewing the Red Marker Path and planted a little oak tree which a member of the Friends had been raising in a pot in their garden.

path Oak
February 2016

The path at the start of the red marker tail is VERY muddy. We've spent February putting in a hardcore path over the worst parts.

Path path
path3 path4
January 2016

We continue to clear the ground near the site of Judy's Cottage ready for seeding with wild flowers.

Judy's garden judy's garden
December 2015

December was very wet and muddy, but our volunteers braved the elements to rescue tyres and a tricycle from the beck, along with time for some didgeridoo practice! The burned out car was a task too far. More casualties among the old beech trees.

bike didgerido
tyres tasks team
burnt out car beech
November 2015

Work is being done in the field above where Judy's Cottage stood. The stream coming across the field from Horse Close Cottages often floods the path, so we're covering it with stones and guiding it downhill to the culvert.

culvert culvert

Now we're making a path up towards the culvert. We're repairing the wall as we go and have added this rustic fence to the edge of the path.

fence path and fence
September & October 2015
Judy's field culvert
Now Judy's Field is clear and the foundations of her cottage have been located, our plan is to plant the old market garden site with wild flowers. Ian and Norman repair the culvert entrance at the top of the field.
19th August 2015
We continue with balsam pulling and litter picking and clearing Judy's Field. Today Mike was helping to clear the stream of debris and the waterfall looks very impressive.
stream clearing waterfall
23rd July 2015
Adding the final touches to the new set of steps at the turn around point of our new War Walk - Mary's Walk.
We've also added some markers where the route wasn't obvious - Richard admires the Mary's Walk logo, a double heart,on one of the posts.
steps post
9th July 2015
Balanced bough bough
At the regular Wednesday Tasks Groupsession we discovered this beech tree with aprecariously balanced bough adjacent to the main pathin Low Wood

A call to the council's Woodland Team resulted in Colin coming swiftly to our aid ...


... and Alan was as pleased as punch with the result.

20th, 27th May and 3rd June

In preparation for launching our new "Woods in Wartime - Mary's walk" on Sunday 26th July we are building some new steps at the beginning of the red marker trail.

Steps steps
steps steps
22nd April 2015

Denis looks as though he doesn't know where to start with clearing the brambles in Judy's Field as we look for traces of her cottage which was demolished in 1870…


…but Ian and Chris soon get to work.


Before you know it, it's cleared.

rubbish clearing

Lynda, Paddy and Peter did a litter pick and gathered six bags of rubbish in Low Wood and Old Hanna and that's not counting the usual stuff thrown down the Station Road embankment. Thanks gang!

8th April 2015
We're continuing to clear the Scout Field in preparation for it being put back into community use.


The path is still muddy....


...but it improves slightly in places


We've cleared the brambles and other undergrowth, plus the old wire fence to leave a solitary willow tree standing.

clearing brambles


John and Ian have found a bike - shame it's the wrong size.

Lucy and Holly

Lucy and Holly will be with us for the next three months as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. They helped the litter picking team collect 8 bags of litter and also removed some Beech whips from an area at the end of the Main Path by High Fernley Road. They also planted a tree sapling on Wyke Green to replace a tree that the Council had cut down.

11th March 2015

Today we planted some of the saplings from the Woodland Trust pack which promises all year round colour.

saplings planting saplings
25th February 2015

We're attending to clearing uparound the container site today. Looks like we'll needto paint it again later on.

cleaning up container
4th February 2015

We're spending thewinter months clearing drainage channels and pulling up whips (self seeded young beechshoots) and brambles.

Tasks pick
sleepers again
19th November 2014

Still a lot of mud but we hope the sleepers and gravel will direct the water away from the road into the ditch.
12th November 2014

Like the Forth Road Bridge, keeping High Fernley Road clear of mud is a job which never ends!


The council loaned a digger to help with the mud while Norman explores the extent of the problem.

29th October 2014

The council have allowed us to take over "Judy's Field" now the lease to the farmer has ended. We've decided to clear the brambles and plant some trees near the top path. See News for details of tree planting.


What a lot of brambles!


We're getting on top of them - or rather under them.


Meanwhile Denis traces the position of the culvert through the field down to the stream,

whilst been abetted by Peter in "pole" position.

September 3rd 2014

hammer men

Much hammer wielding and showing off from John and Ray.

August 27th 2014


Our new volunteer John helps old hand Colin with path edging on Tinkers Trail.

August 13th 2014

fence repair

Repairs in progress to the fence on the ravine above the Sheep Pool.

July 23rd 2014
Wall wall
The repairs to the bridge below Snoddy Mountain are now complete and don't they look good? A retaining wall has been built and behind it back filled.
July 16th 2014


Whilst Balsam bashing and litter picking look what Geoff found. Now he's thinking of taking up unicycling.

June 25th 2014

Today we've started repairs to the banking side at the bridge below Snoddy Mountain

equipment embankment
First we need to get our equipment down there The banking has fallen away and we're going to build a retaining wall
April 23 and 30th 2014
watching Norman
It's always the same one chap does the work whilst the rest standand watch. ...and when it's finished Norman threatens the photographer!
April 2nd 2014

How do all these tyres get into the beck? Good job the PTG team have a tried and tested way of getting them out.

Tyres More tyres
March 19th 2014

A job well done - the newly discovered steps (see March 5th) in all their glory are inspected by the workers.

a b

Tackling a big job near the stepping stones between Royds HallGreat Wood and Jagger Park Wood.

c d
March 5th 2014

Repairing and renewing newly discovered stepsburied under a build up of soil near marker post 8 in Royds Hall Great Wood and removing debris from the stream in Royds Hall Great Wood.

a b
February 19th 2014

Clearing up after high winds in Royds Hall Lane and the path alongside the stream by the bridge.

a b
January 22nd 2014

Now the rain has stopped for a while there's a chance to mend the fence above the quarry by the stream and also repair the steps in Doctor Wood leading down to the stream.

a b
January 8th 2014

After the Christmas break we finished shoring up the slippage ofthe path on both sides of the mineral line embankment in Doctor Wood. It had been half finished for our Seasons Greetings event and walkers passing the spot were impressed with the work done sofar. Ray, Chris, John and Stuart looked pleased with the results and so are we all!

b a
December 4th 2013

No work today - enjoying ourselves instead at the Guidepost Hotel!

The Friends of Judy Woods Practical Task Group wish you all a very merry Christmas and invite you to join us in the woods one Wednesday morning in the New Year.

booze up party
November 27th 2013

More Path repairs - this time the Access for All path from StationRoad

path repair path
November 6th 2013

This winter we are concentrating some of our efforts on improving the perimeter path in Low Wood, which as you can see varies for muddy to very muddy.

September 8th 2013

Regular litter picking by the Task Group and other users of the woods have seen a great improvement over recent years. but this photo shows how camps set up during the summer month scan add to our work. A fridge was also removed -that's taking camping home comforts a bit too far!


September 11th 2013

Some new recruits for the PTG assist with the emptying of the bin at the top of the steps off High Fernley Road. They were later escorted back to their field and their owner notified that they were AWOL.


July 17th 2013

Time to paint and tidy out the container - hot work!

painting Container

July 3rd 2013

Well, we thought we had cleared this area - see February 27th - but now the bracken has moved in! Another pair of before and after pictures. We can recommend bracken whacking for getting rid of aggression.

Bracken 1 bracken 2

June 19th 2013

Those stepping stones took some sorting out - a dam had to built to allow the cement to dry but everyone is pleased with the results - especially Julie!

Stepping Stones

May 29th 2013

Work has continued each week throughout the so called spring, andmany paths and drainage ditches have been attended to and bags oflitter collected and larger items of rubbish cleared. Thanks to help from members of Ian Butterfield's B.E.A.T. team we have beenable to re-lay the stepping stones across into Jagger Park Woodnear the turn in the red marker trail. As you can see it washeavy work.

Stepping Stones Stepping stones
February 27th 2013

If you use the Access Path from Station Road into Doctor Wood then you should have noticed a difference over the past few weeks following our whips removable project. Lots of beech whips (small unbranched saplings) have self seeded themselves and are making it difficult for other species to grow in the shade under the mature trees, so we have been removing them. You may have noticed small piles of them mounting up. Some are left to rot down and provide habitat but others are regularly collected by Ian Butterfield from the Forest of Bradford to re-plant them in woods which need beech trees!

See our before and after pictures.

Whip me
whip me again
January 30th 2013

Despite the snow and rain the PTG continue to get good number each Wednesday. We're continuing to upgrade footpaths and the councilsupports us with deliveries of hardcore and wooden planks andsupports. John helped push Mark from the council's van out of themud recently and here's the thanks he got!

Sadly the two dog poo bins installed before Christmas have been vandalised but we are looking into more robust alternatives.
January 9th 2013

The steps leading from the stile into Low Wood at the far end of Station Road have been in need of repair for some years. The taskgroup have been working on them for a couple of weeks and have nowmade these significant improvements.


November 14th 2012

John Norman and Tony are unblocking a culvert at the junction of High Fernley Road and Royds Hall Lane


Ray (with dog) and Chris put the finishing touches to steps on a new path that has been created by the PTG to avoid a big patch of mud on the red marker trail (between posts 22 and 23).

new steps

October 17th 2012

After this years wet summer the "lake" has re-appeared in Low Wood atthe bottom of High Fernley Road. You can see how deep it was by the handle of the spade. Our Task Group soon sorted it and it drained off - we hope!


September 19th 2012

The Judy Woods Tasks group has continued to meet each week throughout the summer and one of the jobs they have been tackling is the red marker route that runs through Royds Hall Great Wood. The undergrowth and tree boughs have been trimmedback and some stones put to assist passage where the ground was boggy. Look what they found under years accumulations of leafs! A series of steps and laid stone path.

Keep up the good work - we know it is much appreciated by lots of people who use the woods.

Hidden path

August 1st 2012

The PTG has continued to meet throughout this so called summer period and have continued with balsam bashing down by the bridge. Today by way of a change they tackled the undergrowth at either side of our Tinkers Trail path. You can certainly see the difference after their efforts.Thanks team!


May 23rd 2012
Thanks to Stuart for refurbishing the old council notice board at Meadway - you can now see the notices through the perspex!.

"As the church in Wyke tolls the end of day, Geoff and Norman wend home their weary way"


Still the rain comes! Thanks to remedial work by our Practical Task Group High Fernley Road looks a lot less muddy than we would have expected, but just look over the wall - we have a new lake.

The judicious moving of a few stones in the small stream in the top field, resulted in the torrent coming into Judy's Field being confined within the the outlet to the right.

If you go down to the woods today wellies are definitely in order




Wednesday February 15th

You may spot our smart new FOJW beanie hats in today's photos.

Brian tamps down the gravel. Tony goes for another load whilst Norman takes a well earned rest on the steps down to Judy Bridge

Linda and Carol caught in action pulling up beech saplings (whips). We have far too many in Judy Woods and these will go to Ian Butterfield of The Forest of Bradford to be re-planted in a "beechless" wood!

Wednesday January 25th 2012
We felt there was a need for some extra posts in the marked trail where the next one wasn't all that obvious. Three more have gone in today assisted by every man, woman and their dog.
Taking advantage of the gentle winter weather, the bridge at the bottom of the steps at the Woodside end of Royds Hall Great Wood receives some TLC from the PTG.

October 5th 2011

The group continues to meet each Wednesday to litter pick and attend to any tasks in the woods. Today they despatched a large tree which had fallen into the beck from John Wood - the woodland on the far side of the beck near Station Road bordering Norwood Green. Here we seen Norman wielding his saw.

Judy Woods Chop Shop

Mark from Bradford Council gives a lesson in extreme motor mechanics on this burnt out scooter found in the beck in Judy Woods.

Chop Shop


bike after


Tuesday 12th May 2011

The team adds to their evergrowing collection of rubbish from the woods

Wednesday 20th April 2011

Litter Busters Norman, Colin, Kevin and John survey one week's haul of rubbish.

Wednesday 2nd June 2010

What, no "Caution wet floor" sign?

John has 'bin' clearing up

Wednesday 26th May 2010

At long last we got the marker posts installed in Royds Hall Great Wood. 25 posts done in one day by 14 very enthusiastic people. Thanks to all involved, especially John Reily who co-ordinated it all.

New Drainage run-offs

Thanks to the PTG and friends from Santander who tackled the drainage problems at Judy Bridge on June 10th 2009

Spring clean-up 18th-19th May 2009

The team on Monday morning about to start the litter pick-up and stream cleaning.

Stream Work April 2009

Stepping Stones

Here are some new steps on the bank to help those crossing the beck by the new stepping stones.

Thanks to a Grass Roots grant of £825 via Cnet (Bradford & District Community Empowerment Network Ltd) we have been able to buy equipment and protective clothing for our Task Group members. Here's the new sack cart in use (above).

Grassroots Grants

Autumn Clean Up - October 2008

A new venture this year, was an autumn clean up.  We were disappointed that more people didn't turn up to help, but it was a very cold day!.  Stuart Tordoff organised us again and we were very grateful for the help of Mark and Andy from Bradford Council and also help from some of the Friends and people from the Environment Agency.

We cleared the stream from the Woodside end which was not reached in the spring clean up and did a litter pick at the Wyke end of the woods.  Mark and Andy also tackled the fly tipping over the wall on Station Road. As usual the skip was filled.


"Where does it all come from?" wonder Brian & John of the Friends and Mark & Andy of Bradford Council.

Spring clean-up May 2008

Ciba Team

The "A-Team" from CIBA

This year's spring clean-up was co-ordinated by Stuart Tordoff with help from the Friends of Judy Woods, Bradford Council and a Community Challenge project from CIBA. Two large skips were filled with rubbish pulled from the beck and a litter pick was done at the same time.

Mark and Andy

Judy Woods clean-up - May 2007

Staff from Environmental Agency and Royds Environmental Warden Scheme helped clean up the beck - taking out two big skips worth, including numerous tyres, bikes, a wheelie bin and other such rubbish! Members of The Friends of Judy Woods led staff and children from Hill Top Primary on a litter pick, to collect the bits of rubbish that visitors leave in the woods.


Staff from the Environment Agency with some of the rubbish that they collected from the beck.

Hilltop Primary Scholars

Staff and children from Hilltop Primary School helped collect litter.

Balsam Bashing - 2006


Volunteers helped pull up vast quantities of Himalayan Balsam, which is an invasive weed that we are trying to stop tacking over the woods!

If you are interested in any future tasks, then please come along. Wear appropriate outdoor footwear and clothing, if you require either or both of these and/or any further info, then please email tasks@judywoods.org.uk