Saturday 7th July 2018

One of our members tell us that RED KITES have been spotted over Judy Woods twice in the past week! So keep your eyes peeled.

Wednesday 4th July 2018
Bradford Council attains highest accolade for sustainable woodland management
Council woodlands have been judged again to meet the internationally recognised Forest Stewardship Council's requirements for responsible forest management. The new certificate will run until 2023. This means that we can look forward to the districts woodlands being available “for all, forever”.  The 100+ woodlands, covering 856ha play a vital role in supporting nature, providing clean air and water, timber and health and well-being.
Certification provides a solid base for the Council's commitment to increase the area of woodland in the district from 8-10% to 15% and play its role in the development of the Northern Forest.
Councillor Sarah Ferriby, portfolio holder for Healthy People and Places said:  “Bradford District has some wonderful woodlands that are much loved by local communities. Some of our Ancient Semi Natural woodlands including parts of Judy Woods in Wyke are of European importance. Involving people in managing our woods is a key part of how we deliver sustainable woodlands. We have many Friends Groups who devote hundreds of voluntary hours to help keep our woods healthy and inviting places.  Our next challenge is to increase the number of woodlands and trees in the district to make sure that they continue to provide all the benefits that people and nature depend on against a background of climate change.”
Bob Thorp, Tree and Woodland Manager said, “Certification demonstrates that our woodlands are being managed sustainably by the Council. We know woodlands provide a home for  nature which is under enormous pressure and also a place where citizens and visitors alike can find some relaxation and fresh air. By managing to these internationally recognised principles we can make sure that these woodlands will be there for future generations.”
Thursday 3rd May 2018

Woodside Cubs have been busy making bird boxes for the woods. They came with their leaders tonight to fix them to trees in Royds Hall Great Wood and we gave them "I'm a friend of Judy Woods" badges to show them our appreciation. Thanks guys!

Bird Boxes Badges

We thank Andrew Cutts, Assistant Tree and Woodland Manager at Bradford Council for these photos of solitary bees Andrena clarkella and cleptoparasite Nomada leucophthalma. He says, “These are fascinating species with very interesting lifecycles and interactions/dependencies with one another.” Look out for them in Low Wood.


Andrena Clarkella



Nomada leucophthalma

March 24th 2018

Three of us went for training in River Fly Monitoring and can now tell our olives from our caddis and our mayfly from our stoneflies.  We enjoyed donning our waders and braving the cold waters of the Clifton Beck at Bailiff Bridge. Once we get “our” patch of beck to test once each month we’ll be reporting on the health of the water via a count of each species on our recording sheets.  Thanks to the Clifton Beck Project for making this possible.

kick sample

Geoff checks as Mary does a three minute kick sample.


Sally is getting to grips with identifying the contents of her bucket.

Christmas 2017

We were intrigued by this Scope Christmas card which appears to show a very rare sighting of a troop of penguins crossing Judy Bridge.

Do let us know if you have seen them too!

May 2017

Here's Ian and Alan with Seonaidh (pronounced Shona) and Joseph of the Clifton Beck project. We met up to discuss how to tackle the Himalayan balsam removal, especially on the steep sides of the ravine.
An added bonus was the annual display of bluebells which are at their best at the moment.

Clifton beck Bluebells
April 2017

We're planning a special Balsam Bashing event on Saturday 17th June and invite everyone who is feeling aggressive towards this villain to join us in our efforts. Click on poster for details

balsam bash
March 2017 - Good news from the Government

Thanks to all who clicked to support the Woodland Trust "Enough is Enough" campaign. The Government has recognised the need to make changes to the planning system to increase protection for ancient woodland and aged and veteran trees. New proposals are included in the Housing White Paper published in February 2017.  Click this link to read all about it.

February 2017 - We were robbed!

We have to report that our container has been broken into and the doors damaged. All our tools, wheel barrows and sack carts have been stolen plus, our supply of bird boxes. Our Practical Task Group are devastated, but have continued to meet and we are currently using members tools until we can get some replacements. We are insured, but there is an excess which we will deplete our funds. If anyone has any contacts who might be able to help us out with new equipment, please get in touch.

December 2016 - reprint
We've just taken delivery of a re-print of our popular free booklet - Mary's Walk.  Copies are now available at Wyke Library and Roy Waterhouse's Bathroom Showroom BD12 8HT. Mary's walk
January 2016 - Old photos

We're very grateful to Muriel Shackleton for letting us have copies of some of her old photos taken in Judy Woods.
Those from the 1970's show some familiar features and some not.

Ravine Path

The path down the side of the ravine near the 99 steps which fell into the beck quite a few years ago and is now impassable, despite still being marked as a Public Right of Way on OS maps.


The rail sleeper bridge at the bottom of the steps but sporting handrails.

Sheep Pool

The Sheep Pool just down from the bridge where there is a small quarry and a fence leading back up to Low Wood near the junction of High Fernley Road and Royds Hall Lane.

The colour photos were taken in Low Wood in October 1985. If you look closely on no 4 and 5 you can see the stone wall adjoining High Fernley Road which has since been replaced by a metal fence.

Low Wood 1 Low Wood 2
Low Wood 3 Low Wood 4
Low Wood 5
20th November 2015

Our Winter Newsletter was posted out to all members of the Friends of Judy Woods along with a copy of the booklet "Mary's Walk". If you would like a copy call in at Wyke Library or Roy Waterhouse's Bathroom Centre on Huddersfield Road . Or email with your name and address.

24th October 2015

We're getting used to the loss of the ash tree and now Bradford Council have erected wooden fences at the sides of the path leading from the bridge. The Scout Field was badly churned up by the equipment used to dismantle the tree and we've had to put on hold our plans for reclaiming the field for public use.

Fence more fence
August - September 2015


We are grateful to Calderdale Council and their contractors Jagger's Builders for doing repair work to the bridge and damaged stone work up High Fernley Road. In the upheaval we've lost the bench mark on the bridge, but the wings at the Norwood Green side are now keyed into the rest of the stonework and better than ever. We'll miss the old ash tree but Judy Bridge is still a very special place.

Wednesday 29th July 2015

Members of the Tasks Group were alerted to a scene of devastation at Judy Bridge where our beloved old ash tree had crashed down during the heavy rain of last night. It took with it part of the parapet of the bridge and blocked the way into the woods from Sowden Lane. It's appeared on countless photos in its long life - the first one in the 1860s when John O'Judys proudly posed for the camera. In Edwardian times two gents lean against it for support, on a black and white postcard and more recently in winter.

ash disaster
postcard ash
23rd July 2015

Carver Tony Lunn has been at work again - this time on the main Access for All Path through Doctor Wood from Station Road where a fallen tree trunk has come alive again with a family of owls hiding in its trunk and branches.

flying owl more owly stuff
15th July 2015

We're launching a new walk leaflet called Mary's Walk - the Woods in Wartime (see Events page for details of joining us).
It was inspired by a letter Mary Eastwood of Wyke wrote to her future husband Harry Trossell on 26th July 1942 - hence the walk's launch date.
We've just taken delivery of 1,000 copies of the leaflet which have been sponsored by Mary and Harry's two children.
Don't worry if you can't manage tp join us on that date, as following the launch, the leaflet will be available to pick up at Wyke Library or Roy Waterhouses's Bathroom Centre BD12 8HT and also as a download on our website.
The walk is about 3miles in length and you should allow at least two hours.
We hope you enjoy the walk as much as we have enjoyed compiling it.


Wendy Faulkner

Walk leader Mary Twentyman with Mary Eastwood's daughter, Wendy Faulkner pictured by the Telegraph and Argus who ran an article on the walk.

8th May 2015

Why not go and check out our new wood carvings down High Fernley Road at the entrance to Old Hanna Wood?
We're indebted to Tony Lunn who created our Green Man and transformed a felled tree into a seat where you can contemplate the view in the sunshine.
Thanks to Bradford Council whose reciprocal agreement with Tony covered the work. To Chris Hill for introducing us to Tony, and Sheila Lum for co-ordinating the project.
Watch out for more wood carvings appearing in the woods in the weeks to come.

Tree man
18th April 2015

At last year's AGM it was all change with the Officers positions, but we are pleased to report they all stood for re-election this year.  We had a good attendance and we were particularly pleased that Ian Downey agreed to join the Committee.  Mary Twentyman gave a presentation called "From our own Correspondence" showing the weird and wonderful things we have been given by interested members and friends since the group began in 2002.  The highlight was a video of local folk singer Roger Davis performing his song "Judy Woods" IN Judy Woods.  See it for yourself on this link

12th April 2015

We now have our own Facebook page entitled Judy Woods (Wyke). Look for the profile photo of the information board at Station Road.
There's a shared photo album available to "friends"
We hope to see you there!

Facebook page
26th January 2015

Wendy Faulkner and Steve Trossell have sent us a copy of a love letter sent by their mum to their soldier dad in 1941.  It describes a walk through Judy Woods in tremendous detail - we can recognise the route but there have been subtle changes in the years in between.  They want to share this letter as a memorial to their mum and we are preparing a walk and accompanying leaflet which they have sponsored in their parents memory.  So book the date - Sunday 26th July starting at 2pm from Wyke Methodist Church BD12 8JB further details will appear on the events page in due course.

19th January 2015

We've just heard that we have been lucky enough to be awarded a free pack of tree saplings by the Woodland Trust.  The 105 trees promise all year round colour and we'll be planting them during March, probably in the Scout Field and Judy's Field area near the bridge.

Woodlands Trust
Saturday 6th December 2014 - Tree Planting

The Practical Task Group have been working in Judy's Field for some weeks past preparing the top section near the path. First they cleared the brambles and then Ian Butterfield of the Forest of Bradford got volunteers to dig the ground over ready for planting the trees.


Some of the young volunteers.


A job well done!


Sally does some litter picking around the planting area.


Peter & Eileen Todd


June 2014

There's been a lot of activity in the woods recently where the council have attended to fallen tree boughs and stacked the wood so it rots away to provide habitats for beetles. In Royds Hall Great Wood their contractors have considerably thinned down the trees under the pylon wires and there are some interesting vistas down to the stream.  It will be interesting to see how this management plan progresses and we expect new species to move in as the light is no longer blocked by the canopy.

up down
Looking up the slope from the red marker trail Looking down towards the beck
10th April 2014 - All change!

At this year's AGM we appointed some new officers - or should we say we moved them round?

Chair - Geoff Twentyman; Deputy Chair - Denis Waudby; Secretary - Mary Twentyman; Minute and Membership Secretary - Linda Paul; Treasurer -Stuart Tordoff

Sheila Lum took over as editor of the newsletter

Sally Tetlow will help Stuart as Treasurer

Alan Williams continues as Practical Task Group Organiser with assistance from John Riley

Mary Twentyman continues to update the website. The valuable contribution of Steve Gaunt as webmaster was emphasised.

The meeting was very well attended and we particularly appreciated the attendance of Bob Thorp the council's woodland manager

Following on the official part of the meeting Denis Waudy gave us a fascinating insight into what can be achieved using LIDAR and we were treated to some LIDAR images of Judy Woods.

19th March - Sign the Pledge!

At today's Committee Meeting we discussed implementing Bradford Council's  Green Dog Walking initiative where dog walkers are encouraged to "Sign the Pledge"to encourage other dog walkers

  • to always clean up after their dog
  • to carry extra doggie bags
  • to gladly give you a bag for your dog - just ask!

For a leaflet and further details go to the "Your Community Pages" of or email

26th January 2014

Graham, a regular walker in the woods, spotted this large bird about 50 yards away from him. It was being mobbed by crows and magpies.
Stuart Tordoff, our bird expert, thinks it's a common buzzard. Might be common, but not in our woods!
If you see this bird again, or any other unusual species, please let us know.

December 2013

Our ageing beeches (some are going on for 200 years old) continue to lose branches and we ask for you to be vigilant and let us know when this happens (contact  A recent fall closed High Fernley Road but the council acted swiftly to clear it.  In the present cuts climate, falls within the woods especially where main paths are not effected might not be acted on so speedily.  Our Practical Task Group try to keep paths clear but those requiring heavy machinery are beyond our resources.

Tree HFR1 Tree HFR2

This giant blocked High Fernley Road and took the metal fence with it.

...and it managed to fall in the opposite direction as well.

tree LW1 Tree LW2

This is the second time this tree in Low Wood has lost branches

OHW tree

This tree in Old Hanna Wood was well rotted and was going to topple soon.

Thursday 25th October 2013


The "JAMES Digs Judy Woods" project was officially launched today. Here's Denis Waudby who led the project for the Friends explaining what it's all about.
For further details see the "Projects" tab or

James Den

31st July 2013

The supposed "vandal proof"  notice board at the Woodside end has unfortunately suffered a second attack, We've replaced the perspex and Ray looks pleased with the results.

Before After
28 August 2013


A lot of our beech trees are beginning to show their age. Among the latest casualties were the one which was badly leaning over the path down from Judy Bridge and our beloved grand daddy tree up in Royds Hall Great Wood. A branch from higher up the tree fell onto the long one which extended over the path and brought both down. At the moment the path is blocked but the PTG group have made a way through until the council can get down and attend to it.

Beech beech
How are the mighty fallen!

Thw whole tree

Looking impressive despite an estimated age of between 180 to 200 years old


9 July 1853

Some Old News!

Found in the Leeds Intelligencer Saturday 9 July 1853 (it also appeared in 5 other regional newspapers)

On Thursday, in the Court of the West Riding Magistrates, Judith North, of North Bierley, was fined 5s and costs, £1.1s.4d., for having sold a pennyworth of nuts on Sunday, to a boy names Adam Wilkinson.  The complainant was a constable of the township, named Edward Handforth



Sunday 7th July 2013

Here's local folk singer/songwriter Roger Davies appearing at the Commercial Hotel as part of Cleckheaton Folk Festival. What's he singing?  "Judy Woods".  Yes, really! A song in appreciation of our beautiful woodland and requested by our treasurer.

See Roger's website and you can download the song from

May 24th 2013

Great News!  The JAMES project which we worked with on the Picture Trail has been successful in gaining Heritage Lottery Funding for a project called "JAMES digs Judy Woods"
There's an official launch on Wednesday 29th May at 14:30-15:30 at Low Wood, (Station Road end), HX3 8QD. Do come along and support them or visit their website to find out more about what they do.


May 8th 2013

Thanks to Bradford Council for providing two new sturdy waste bins on Station Road and at the top of the steps by the bridge to replace the ones which were vandalised.  Members of the Practical Task Group will continue to empty these each week. 

New Bin
New Bin

February 6th 2013

Chairman Stuart Tordoff, Vice Chairman Geoff Twentyman, Treasurer Mary Twentyman, PTG Co-ordinator Alan Williams, and Committee Member Peter Todd attended the official presentation of the cheque from Masonic Charities - Lightcliffe Lodge by proposer Bert Barrand. 


We thank Masonic Charities - Lightcliffe Lodge for our new high visiblity  jackets and take this opportunity of showing them off before they get dirty!

Masonic Jackets

19th December 2012

We are pleased to announce that at long last we have been able to install two bins for dog poo bags in the woods. People have been asking us for a long time why there are no bins. The problem is that someone has to empty them and we have not been able to get new bins added to the council's emptying programme.
After discussion with the council the FoJW have paid for two containers and will supply bags on a regular basis. Members of the Friends Task Group have agreed to make sure they are emptied regularly and new bags supplied.
One is located at the Norwood Green end of Station Road where there is no litter bin and the other at the top of the steps down to Judy Bridge off High Fernley Road in Low Wood.
We hope dog walkers will use these bins and put an end to the sight of abandoned poo bags in the woods.

more poo

Do you remember the Woodman's Hut?

This photograph has just come to light in some slides belonging to the late Charlie Sharp of Wibsey.  For those of you of tender years - this hut stood at the junction of High Fernley Road and Royds Hall Lane.  You can still see plants which were escapees from the garden in this vicinity.  The hut, with smoke rising from it's slender chimney, was a feature on the woods up until the early 1907's. 

Woodman's hut
Monday 4th June 2012

Look who it is! Yes, Varsha, our new Fungi Expert and the other three look familiar too.
Varsha went down to the RSPB reserve at Ynys-hir where Springwatch is being filmed and met Michaela Strachan, Martin Hughes-Games and Chris Packham - lucky girl!

Saturday 2nd June 2012 - Picture Trail launched

The first two sections of our exciting new Picture Trail were launched at our "At Home" event

The idea is that with the help of the maps and photos you scour the woods looking for the red and white control points
The number in the red portion will correspond to a  photograph taken near the location of the control and you should note the reference letters in the white portion on the answer sheet.

We are indebted to PALZ (Play and Learning Zone) who had the idea in the first place and thank them for putting the control in place.

At the moment there are trails completed for Low Wood and Old Hannah Wood.  One for Royds Hall Wood will follow shortly. Click on the links here or the downloads page to open the pages for printing.

We hope you enjoy challenging your family and friends to see who can complete the trail first!

Tuesday 22nd May 2012

Following the far stile on Station Road being demolished by a falling tree in the winds a couple of weeks back the fence has been reinstated and a new stile installed.  Thanks to the council for prompt action.

Friday 27th April 2012

Joan Dobson

After leading our wild flower and fungi walks since the Friends started in 2002 Joan Dobson has decided this will be the last year she will officially be involved. As a "thank you" we have presented her with a voucher and framed memento from the Friends. Thank you Joan for sharing your knowledge in such an enjoyable way over the past ten years.

Photo shows treasurer Mary, Joan with her gift and chairman Stuart


March 9th 2012

We've just had this 3D map of the area around the woods made for us Mr Tony Davies of Elland. It has been given by Mrs Mary Shepherd of Ellistown in Leicestershire in memory of her late husband John who loved to walk his dog in Judy Woods.
We are hoping to find a permanent place for the map and will let you know when a home for it is finalised.

December 11th 2011

Thanks to the council for funding the new chestnut fencing beside the steps up from Judy Bridge alongside High Fernley Road. We appreciate the contribution of Ian Butterfield of the Forest of Bradford to making this possible.


1 December 2011

Don't forget to renew your membership. This year it's gone up a whole 100% to the dizzying heights of £2 so we can cover postage. There's a form on the download page which you can use.

If you are a member and you've not received the Winter Newsletter either through the post or an email reminding you it's available for download, please contact

14 November 2011

Another Information Board has been erected, this time at the Woodside end of the woods. Thanks to Grass Roots Grants for the funding and Bradford Parks and Woodlands for erecting it for us.

10 October 2011

We're on the Map!

For some time the Friends of Judy Woods have been frustrated that the words "Judy Woods" do not appear on Ordnance Survey maps.  It's very awkward when trying to describe where we are to some who is unfamiliar with the area.  On some larger scale maps the individual names of the woods such as Low Wood, Old Hanna, and Royds Hall Great Wood do appear. Even the tiny Judy Wood (the small wood behind Judy's field at the bottom of Royds Hall Lane across High Fernley Road from the steps) gets a mention on some very large scale maps, but the name by which the public knows the woods, does not appear.

So a number  of years ago we wrote to the Ordnance Survey and asked if it would be possible to include the name on maps seeing it was the third largest woodland in Bradford Met!  They wrote back to say that if and when they updated printed maps the name would appear.  We didn't hold our breath!

If you want to look at it go to

then click on Valuation Office map finder and put Bradford in (Bradford, Bradford is the choice) and navigate down.

So at last we on the map!

Dry Stone Walling Course June 2011

Nine members of the Friends attended a three day Dry Stone Walling Course held over two weeks. Our tutor was Nick Milsom from B.E.E.S. (Bradford Environmental Education Service). We practised on a wall down the banking to the right just inside the entrance nearest Norwood Green on Station Road, Wyke. The topping ceremony to replace the coping stones was carried out in a heavy downpour and our photographs look as if they were taken at midnight!

Last coping stone is fitted into place

One team tackled the wall near the apple tree by the same entrance on Station Road which had collapsed onto the pavement.
The wall in a sad state The wall made good
Another group tackled a fallen piece of wall on Royds Hall Lane. Now we know the principles of wall repair we hope to tackle other sites in the woods.
Thanks to Nick and BEES for providing us with this training.
New Information Board 31st May 2011

As a result of a Grassroots Grant received last year we have just erected a new information board in Station Road to replace the old one which had been vandalised and became unreadable. Another grant received last month will enable us to buy a similar sign for the Woodside entrance.

In case you're wondering what it says, a copy of what is on the board can be accessed by clicking here.

information board
New Notice Boards 29th March 2011

Mary and Geoff celebrate that at long last our new notice boards have been installed. This is the one on Station Road Wyke. There is another just inside the entrance to Royds Hall Great Wood at Woodside.



Pictured are four ladies from a walking group who were passing by and took great interest in the new board.

Sue, Marilyn, Diana and Glynis of the Kirklees NHS Retirees Group

Our Top Ten
Bradford Community Broadcasting 106.6 FM
12 noon on Tuesday October 19th 2010

Your intrepid Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will be on BCB's Our Top Ten programme.
This is where you get to hear from local groups and organisations about what they do and why they do it. Along the way you will get to listen to some of our favourite pieces of music.

Please tune in if you can or listen online at

24th July 2010

A new "horse friendly" gate has replaced the one which was stolen from Royds Hall Lane by the entrance to Old Hanna Wood.

Judy Woods (and husband Barry) inspect the sign near to the new gate. This is their second visit from Australia. We're honoured that the woods are worth coming so far to see!

10th July 2010

Harold Park Gala

The committee attended the Gala with a stall full of second hand books and made a respectable £50 for our funds. We even made a couple of new members. Our stall was next the Low Moor Local History Group one and if you wondering what the chap is doing there, he's an advert for a Scarecrow Festival not one of the committee!

21st May 2010

Shelf Junior and Infants School did a Sponsored Walk from Station Road. The photo shows Mr. Sykes checking the children in at the entrance to Judy Woods.

24th April 2010

More good news from Grass Roots Grants. We have new funding to enable us to replace the defaced information board on Station Road which gives the history of the woods.

18th March 2010 AGM Thursday

Peter Walker, our chairman told us at the 2009 AGM he would not be seeking re-election this year. We are very pleased to tell you that Stuart Tordoff was elected to this office. He has been an active member of the FOJW for several years, and much of the work done by the Task Group has been the result of Stuart's initiative and drive. He will be continuing as an active member of the Task Group, along with several other committee members and volunteers. The official Task Group representative on the committee is now John Reilly, who himself has done some sterling work over the last few years.
Our grateful thanks go to the retiring Chairman, Peter Walker. Peter chaired the group from its formation in 2002 and has been involved in all aspects of its work, including liaising with Bradford Council, organisations, the media and many members of the public. He has not retired from the committee, however, and will no doubt be just as active in the work of caring for Judy Woods.

12th March 2010 More leaflets

Bradford Council has reprinted the Judy Woods walks leaflet in their "A Breath of Fresh" series.
It's still available as a download from this site, but paper copies can be picked up from Wyke Library of at FoJW events.

Monday 15th February 2010

At very short notice we opened Tinker's Trail on Monday 15th February. Councillor Anne Hawkesworth cut the ribbon assisted by members of Barrie's family.
Photograph shows Mrs Janet Tinker and children Hannah and John

Monday 21st December 2009

Unfortunately we had to cancel the opening of the new footpath as the snow was so deep you couldn't see the path!

At a later date, Councillor Hawkesworth will officially open our “Access for All” footpath, which is dedicated to the memory of Barrie Tinker, former Bradford Council Parks Manager and supporter of the Friends of Judy Woods, who died last year. Barrie's family will be present to acknowledge this simple gesture of approval of Barrie's work.


December 3rd 2009

We've just heard that we have been awarded another Grass Roots grant - this time to cover the cost of a new vandal proof notice board to replace the one on Station Road which has been damaged. 

November 19th 2009

We have applied and been accepted, for funding from the Bovril Great Outdoor Revival.  Any money we receive will be used for repairs to walls in the woods. We need your support and should be obliged if you would cast your vote by visiting the website using the project code: YHOT000065


November 6th 2009

Our new wheelchair/scooter access gates add the finishing touches to the new 'Access for All' Path.


The top photograph shows the gate at the entrance to Royds Hall Great Wood, the photograph right shows the gate at the entrance at Ullswater Drive.


November 1st 2009

Our new, revamped website went live on November 1st - with more pages, more links, bigger and better images and new sections including a downloads page. We hope you like it!
Our thanks to Steve Gaunt of CalverleyInfo for his efforts.

New Site!

October 2009 - Access for All path from Ullswater Drive, Woodside

If you go down to the woods today you're in for a big surprise.... no, not teddy bears, but our new Access for All footpath. It was made possible by support from a Community Spaces Grant, part of the Big Lottery Fund. The path will give access for wheelchairs and motorised scooters. Two specially adapted gates are due to be installed within the next few weeks and later picnic benches and resting posts will be added. A leaflet is being prepared which can be download from this site.
New Path

October 2009: New Performance Area

A new Performance area has been laid out at Woodside in Royds Hall Great Wood. No doubt this will prove very useful when organising events in the woods

Performance Area