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John Barraclough (1823 to 1869) – aka John O Judy's


A glass ambrhotype believed to be of John Barraclough
which has been coloured by the addition of paint

Since doing the initial research on Judy North in 2003 many original records have now come on line, mainly on Ancestry.com and I have also completed the church records part of the SBLHA(1) project. This has brought to light more facts, particularly about John Barraclough.

Some things which worried me when I did the initial reseach:

· In the census records of 1851 and 1861, John Barraclough stated that he was married despite there only being him and his mother Judy in the house.
· On two photographs in James Parker's books (2) he identifies a woman as John O'Judy's wife.
· On a photograph from Derek Thornton used on our Judy Woods Information Boards a woman is indentified as John O'Judy's wife.
· Was there a relationship between Ann Best the woman who had been present at, and registered, his death

Was John Barraclough married?
Originally I had tried looking for a female Barraclough, in the Low Moor/Wyke area who was married, but had no husband present. This was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Eventually when Ancestry.com put West Yorkshire marriages on line I found one at Bradford on 17 December 1843 between a 20 year old banksman of Wibsey, father Joseph Barraclough, weaver. The bride, Sarah Kellett Procter was 29, a weaver, Wibsey. Father Thomas Procter, Inn Keeper. The marriage was after the calling of Banns and both made their mark in the register.

I went back to find Sarah's baptism and realised it was one we had commented on when checking the transcription for Holy Trinity on SBLHA. Sarah Kellett Procter daughter of Thomas, a farmer, of Blackstone Edge and Betty, baptised on 6 March 1814. We'd looked for the family at the time without success and could not find a marriage or evidence for them on the census. It seems Betty Procter stayed in Wibsey and she and her daughter used the Kellett surname on the census, but Sarah married under her baptismal name.

The ages and addresses fitted John Barraclough and Sarah Kellett Procter and when I consulted the 1841 census saw that John Barraclough and a Sarah Kellett lived close by in Slackside. Sarah was 27, living with her mother Betty, which fitted with the Procter baptism, and there was a one year old child – Mary Ann there too. I was surprised John Barraclough had married at such an early age, but then in the Wibsey records I found a baptism the following April 30 1844 of an Annis to John and Sarah Barraclough of Wibsey; he was a collier.

I then checked the baptism of Mary Ann Kellett and found she was born 20 September 1839 and when baptised the following 9th August her mother was said to be Sarah Kellett of Wibsey, spinster. In subsequent census I found Sarah, her mother and two children living together at Slackside. There was nothing to connect them to John Barraclough. John would have only been 16 when Mary Ann was born and I did not think he would be her father.

I have speculated that when John's mother Judy's second husband Isaac Jowett died in 1845 he may have gone back to live with her. Or possibly, when her third husband, Joseph North died in 1850, he could have moved down to Horse Close Bridge to help his mother with the market garden. The previous year Joseph North's father, John had died. A John North was also a coal mine contractor and this may have been a link between the two families. (Judy/John and the Norths)

Further research found that Sarah Barraclough (John's wife) died aged 80 and was buried at the Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Holroyd Hill, Wibsey. She and daughter Annice/Annes/Unis, appear on the census as Barraclough, but younger daughter Mary Ann is always down as a Kellett. Sarah is variously a power loom weaver, a confectioner and a washer woman.

Annes is a power loom weaver and later a dress and bonnet maker. When she married widower Alfred Wright on 29th April 1877 at Bradford she gives her father as John Barraclough, Seedsman and Florist. She signs but her sister, Mary Ann Kellett makes her mark as a witness. I see this as confirmation that John is her father. Brides tend to make their father's occupations grander than they were, especially if they are dead and can't contradict. Annes died in 1917 and her husband in 1915. They too are buried at the Wesleyan Reform Chapel Holroyd Hill.

They had son Albert Wright born in 1878 and baptised at the Wesleyan Reform, Holroyd Hill, Wibsey. He married Ellen Cooper in 1905 and they lived on Thornton Lane. I've taken them up to 1911 when he is a worsted weaving overlooker with one child Edna born in 1909. It's interesting that the glass ambrhotypes which FOJW were given came from a gentleman whose father's photographic shop was at the end of Thornton Lane. They had been brought in for copying.

John John

The photograph which appears on our Information Boards showing John O Judy, his "wife" and Judy North

John, donkey, "wife" and Judy.
(Illustrated History of Wibsey, Low Moor, Oakenshaw, Wike, Norwood Green, Judy Brig, Royds Hall, Coley and Shelf, Aug 1902)

Who is the woman on the photographs?
When I found out that John Barraclough really was married I looked again at the photographs of his "wife". Sarah Kellett Procter was nine years older than John, but the woman on the photographs looks younger. She has no wedding ring.

When the Holy Trinity part of the SBLHA project was completed, I searched our database for events where the address was given as Horse Close Bridge. There was one event which I could not connect to the North family and that was a Baptism at Holy Trinity on 26 April 1866 (born 2 April). The child was Ruth Taylor and the mother Hannah Taylor, a widow.

Ruth was the name of the mother of Judy's first husband Joseph and so John Barraclough's grandmother. At first I could find no connection but then when the whole project was completed I realised there was a burial entry at Wyke Parish church on 30 March 1870 for a Ruth Barraclough Taylor aged 4 years of Upper Wyke. John Barraclough had died the previous March and he too was buried at Wyke. This made me wonder if Hannah Taylor was the woman pictured at Horse Close Bridge and referred to as John's wife.

So far I have spectacularly failed to identify Hannah Taylor! Was Hannah Taylor a widow or only posing as one?

· We can rule out Hannah Taylor married to a Benjamin Taylor who live at Wike as they can be found in the 1851 to 1871 census in Wike village
· There is an entry in 1841 at New Road, Wike for a Hannah Taylor aged 20 living with a George Taylor aged 20 Farmer, but later census seems to indicate they moved to Leeds
· There is an entry in 1841 for a 15 year old, unmarried Hannah Taylor a hand loom weaver living at Wike Common side.
· There is an entry in 1871 on New Road Side for a 46 year old Widow who is a washer woman. If this is the correct person she would have been 41 when Ruth was born and John 42.
· Searching for marriages of a Hannah to a Taylor brings up no obvious candidates
· Searching for births for a Hannah Taylor brings up no obvious candidates

Hannah Barraclough – did she die as a child?
Brainstorming after I found the entry for the child, Ruth, born to Hannah Taylor, widow, I wondered if she might actually be Judy's daughter Hannah whom I had down as dying as a one year old child in 1821. That could explain the Ruth Barraclough Taylor burial entry, but not as neatly as if John were the father.

The burial entry in 1821 was for Hannah Barraclough aged 1 year of Slack. It seems a good match. If she did not die, then she is missing from the 1841 census which meant she married as a minor. Then I discovered a Marriage at Bradford 6 August 1837 for Hannah Barraclough aged 18, a minor of Byerley, father Joseph Barraclough, Weaver, marrying John Booth aged 23 of Wibsey. This couple turn up on the 1841 census living at Horse Close Cottages. He's a carter and they later move to Green End Wibsey. Judy didn't live at Horse Close Bridge at that point but it might help explain how she met up with Joseph North.

Is she Judy's daughter? She could be but probably not as on one census says she was born at Brighouse.

Ann Best – the woman who registered John Barraclough's death
I was wondering if Ann Best who registered John Barraclough's death was related to him. She seems to have been Ann Greenwood who married Matthew Best a hammerman at Bradford 3 March 1846. Her father was Paul Greenwood a miner.

In the 1861 to 1881 census she is on School Street running a grocers shop. Perhaps that was the connection with John Barraclough, through his market garden. She had various nephews staying with her at each census. Swaine Best in 1861, and Abraham Barraclough and Paul G Wilson in 1871.

· Swaine Best was the son of her husband's brother Daniel.
· Abraham Barraclough is the son of Paul Barraclough who was a Ginger Beer Manufacturer also living on School Street. His wife was Betty nee Greenwood, Ann's sister.
· Paul G(reenwood) Wilson is the son of Joseph and Fanny Wilson and guess what? Fanny is Ann's sister.

In fact I found the Greenwoods living at Horse Close where father Paul, was a sinker of pits in 1841. He's dead by 1851 but his widow Hannah (nee Woodhead) and family are there until 1861. Links to the Priestley, Fieldhouse and Holden families too.

Ann Best died aged 66 and was buried at Wesley Place (where John North too is buried and his wife attended) 26 March 1890.

So no blood relationship to John and Judy but close neighbours living in the Horse Close area.

South Bradford Local History Alliance

(2) Rambles from Hipperhome to Tong (Sept 1904) and Illustrated History of Wibsey, Low Moor, Oakenshaw, Wike, Norwood Green, Judy Brig, Royds Hall, Coley and Shelf. (Aug 1902)

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