Below is the Friends of Judy Woods constitution, which was amended at the AGM 2005.

Mission (adopted 26 March 2002)

To help conserve Judy Woods for the quiet enjoyment of the public, and for the plants and animals that live there.

To mobilise, foster and maintain the public’s interest in the woods and in the work of the Friends, so as to increase people’s understanding and appreciation of the ecological, cultural and historical importance of this woodland.

To act as a channel of communication between the landowners, residents, local groups and other stake-holders so that Judy Woods has a voice when decisions are made.

Constitution agreed: 26 Mar 2002
1st Amendment 18 August 2004
2nd Amendment 10 August 2005

1. The group shall be called “The Friends of Judy Woods”.

2. The Term "Judy Woods" shall include North Brow Wood, Royds Hall Great Wood, Gannerthorpe Wood, Jagger Park Wood, Old Hanna Wood, Low Wood and Doctor Wood

3. "The Friends of Judy Woods" shall be a voluntary body formed from interested members of the public and other interested parties. It will be a non-political group.

4. For the purposes of this document "the landowner” is taken to mean Bradford Council Department of Arts Heritage and Leisure, the current owner of most of Judy Woods and Calderdale Council Department of Engineering Services who are responsible for Judy Brig. The Friends of Judy Woods will work with any such landowners in the furtherance of the following objectives.

5. The objectives of the group shall be:

5.1 To assist the Landowner(s) in care and maintenance of the woods.

5.2 To notify the landowner(s) when any hazards or problems become apparent.

5.3 To develop projects in partnership with, or with the knowledge of the landowner(s) to further these objectives. And to apply for grants and other funding in order to carry these out.

5.4  To liaise with other users of Judy Woods and to help represent their needs.

5.5 To encourage those groups which use Judy Woods to be directly represented in our group.

5.6 To encourage local schools to use the woods as a resource for education sport and practical projects.

5.7 To work to conserve and enhance the ecological value of Judy Woods and its environs

5.8 To work to develop and enhance the recreational value of Judy Woods and its nvirons.

5.9 To work to maintain and enhance the landscape value of Judy Woods and its environs.

5.10 To research and interpret the cultural, historical and ecological value of Judy Woods and to publicise this work.

5.11 Any other lawful activities necessary to achieve the above objectives        

6 Membership:

6.1 Membership shall be open to all regardless of race, age, gender sexual orientation or disability. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that no one is discriminated against on the basis of any of these.

6.2 Membership fees, set to cover publishing, printing and postage costs shall be determined at the AGM.

6.3 The Committee reserves the right to decline a membership application

6.4 The Committee may terminate the membership of any member whose activities, in their opinion, are considered to be prejudicial to the Group. Such members will have the right of appeal to a General Meeting of the Group

7 Meetings:

7.1 Meetings shall be held at approximately two monthly intervals throughout the year with between 5 and 9 meetings in anyone year. Meetings shall be open to all members to attend in an observer capacity.

7.2 Notice of 14 days should be given before all meetings.

7.3 A quorum shall be four including at least two officers (see below).

7.4 Minutes shall be recorded at each meeting and signed by the Chair at the following meeting following approval/amendment as appropriate.

7.5 Votes where necessary, will be decided by a majority of comm­ittee members present with the Chair having the casting vote

7.6 In exceptional circumstances postal votes may be required. These must be received prior to the meeting in a sealed envelope that will be opened only during the vote. Such postal votes should include the name; full address and telephone number of the person voting and these should be printed so as to be legible. Postal votes not meeting these requirements shall be declared null and void.

8 The Committee:

8.1 The Committee shall consist of not less than six including the Officers, up to a maximum of twelve people.

8.2 All Officers and Committee Members shall give their time free of charge. The Committee may co-opt. either temporarily or permanently, any persons with special knowledge, experience or expertise to assist in the meeting of the objectives (above)

9 The Officers:

9.1 The Officers shall be:-


Deputy Chair


Secretary/Membership Secretary

 9.2 A person may hold up to two posts

 9.3 An Officer shall be deemed to have resigned after missing four consecutive meetings without due cause. The Committee shall appoint a substitute to serve until the following AGM.

9.4 A member will be eligible for election as an Officer of the Group upon completion of twelve months membership

10 Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs):

10.1 An AGM shall be called at intervals of not more than 15 months. The notice given to members shall be at least 14 days.

10.2 Officers and Committee Members shall be elected from the membership at the AGM. The electorate shall consist of all fully paid up members of the Group, proxy votes will be accepted if communicated in writing to the Chairman at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

10.3 Between AGMs an EGM may be called The notice given to members shall be at least 14 days.

10.4 At the AGM or EGM the constitution may be amended if a two thirds majority of those present agree and once due notice has been given to all interested parties.

11 Finances:

11.1 The Trust shall maintain a bank account in the name of The Friends of Judy Woods. Four signatures shall be chosen from amongst the Committee. Any two of these will be required to sign any financial transaction that The Friends shall make.

11.2 No cheque shall be signed unless the payee, amount and date have been completed in full first.

11.3 Accounts shall be maintained and audited accounts presented to members at the AGM.

11.4 The organisation will not distribute any profit it makes income it receives

11.5 The organisation will apply it's profits or income only to the objects stated in its constitution

11.6 The organisation will not apply it's funds to the benefit of landfill operators who make contributions to it through the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme

11.7 The organisation will not apply its funds to the benefit of any contributing third parties who make payments to landfill operators towards their contributions through the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme to this organisation

12 Dissolution of the Friends of Judy Woods:

12.1 In the event of this, after all debts have been discharged, any remaining monies or assets will be used in the furtherance of one or more of the objectives (above).