History Workshop

The Judy Woods History Workshop

Now that the Roots of Judy Woods project is finished, the Friends are considering what to do next with regard to further archaeological work in the woods. The Roots project opened up so many new avenues of research that we feel these need to be explored in greater detail before even thinking about applying for further heritage funding.

We want to set up The Judy Woods History Workshop for people who would be interested in taking our research further. The Roots project made it clear that the history of the woods is bound up with that of the Royds Hall Estate and the Low Moor Company. We need to re-examine the findings so far, look more widely into what other research has been done already and then identify and prioritise new areas of research and follow them up.

If this sounds interesting, please get in touch with Mary Twentyman on 01274 673274.

On June 10th 2009 some of the group did some work in the woods to try and pin point where a feature marked on a map of 1893 was located. Using our new surveying equipment we managed to find out where it was - but we still don't know WHAT it was - watch this space for further news.